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Ajani Thomas

Over these last few weeks, Moviepilot has seen us a slew of names handpicked for one of Marvel’s most iconic titles, Dr. Strange. From Johnny Depp to my own personal favorite, Liam Neeson, we have quite literally heard it all. The fans seem keen on the various choices passed their way, and want more than anything for the character to be brought to life. However, I find it rather strange one man has yet to be mentioned. An actor rooted from the brick of broadway, and a face not new to the world of science fiction… Ladies and gentleman, I give you Cliff Simon! Spending the height of his career as Ba’al off the hit series “Stargate SG-1”, Cliff is without a doubt my pick for Marvel’s next move, as they branch out through what seems to be an infinite universe.

Setting aside the uncanny resemblance, the man was just born for the role! His sharp features and commanding brow, speak volumes on the presence he could have on the screen, and the impression he could leave on audiences. Well-established actors like Depp, Neeson, and Mortenson are all of course great in their own right, but unfortunately all fall under the same flaw. No matter how much we might think they could do for the role, their extreme popularity will always be their curse. When I go to the theatre for a Doctor Strange film, that is exactly what I expect to get. I want the character in all the glory he so deserves, without thinking about how much I love Jack Sparrow. A fresh face could be exactly what Marvel needs, and the jumping point that could successfully take them into Phase 3. Well now that I’m done with whatever that was, what do the people think? Tell me in the comment section below, and thanks for reading my first article! Who's your Doctor Strange?


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