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Big talks, rumors and full of nostalgia are being brought upon for a solo Green Ranger movie of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers lore. It’s been a long time and because of the 20th anniversary of probably the most famous kid show of the mid 90’s it’s becoming more popular than ever. As a young kid of that era I was obsessed with the Power Rangers especially the Green Ranger because of his cool karate kick, dark style and let’s face it, green became my favorite color because of that show. This movie can draw huge money if it has the right script, writers and makes it a much darker version of the kid’s show.

The green ranger really is the most popular of the Power Rangers not just because of his morals or his antics of a funny character but more than that. Jason David Frank brought that element to the Green Ranger of learning the struggles we face and how discipline has always been a major key to a successful life. The Green Ranger is a symbol of struggle, great martial arts skills and has the most kick ass dagger lol. Other than that, growing up watching every episode from 93-95 I was fascinated by how he fought for the other guy and always stood out differently from the rest. The character of Tommy Oliver taught me to always be true to who I ‘am even when a lot of people around me didn't let me in the very toughest times of my life. He was the guy you’d love to hang out with and he would always have your back. It’s that type of character that should have his own movie.

The man who played Tommy; Jason David Frank has been a martial artist all his life and his biggest claim to fame was being the Green Ranger. Although I never saw anything wrong with that, I just wished more people in Hollywood gave him more of a chance. Jason today is going around the country doing Comic/Wizard Cons appearances and bringing that character back to life with the fans and having that presence of being one of the guys and being friendly to the people who helped keep the Green Ranger alive. I hope he gets the opportunity to make this movie happen.

I was 9 years old when Power Rangers came onto the scene and the moment the Green Ranger burst onto the screen to me it was the end-all be all because the other rangers became more of a supporting role and although I liked them and each had charisma nearly equally (especially the pink ranger, total crush back then) but Tommy just seemed like the guy and my idol for that period of time. Sure there was the White Ranger with Saba and the red Zeo Ranger and a black ranger character but the Green Ranger always brought more flair, more mysticism and had better character development than the other Ranger changes.

2 decades later it’s coming back and like Hulkamania it’ll never die, this movie has great potential and even at 40+ years old Jason can still pull it off and maybe not as fast when he was younger but a lot wiser and has even more potential to be cemented as a Hollywood star even though he never seemed like the type that would go to his head. Let the Dragonzord be heard one last time and let the Green Ranger venture into the Sunset with a movie that’s darker, more action packed and more heart than the show ever made it out to be. That dagger is what the Sword Of Excalibur is to King Arthur, it’s a symbol of hope, justice and can take out even the most ruthless of monsters can it take out the most powerful monster of all? We shall see. Let’s help get this movie going and best of luck to Jason. We’re all rooting for you brother.

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