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Dear Warner Brothers,
RE: The DC movieverse...

I just want to start by saying I really wish you were doing things differently in the DC universe. Yes I know Man of Steel was a modest success and yes I know Batman has always been your main cash cow and after The Green Lanterns failure you're afraid to take any chances on putting any other superheroes on the big screen. BUT if you're going to combine superheroes in a movie I just wish you would do some classier combinations that would get us to the Justice League in a different manner.

It's not just that I'm not a fan of Ben Affleck as an actor, I like the movies he's directed and would possibly like to see him direct the Justice League movie. BUT If anyone is telling you that he is the answer to DC catching up with Marvel and should be batman in the "Man of Steel" sequel, they are not your friend. You shouldn't have to prostitute yourself like that! I just think you could've used The Man of Steel sequel for a greater good. Like maybe Setting up a Lex Luthor and Legion of Doom or an injustice league storyline that would have shown some appreciation and some artistic integrity to the Man of Steel. You've whored out the Bat before. After the success of two great films from Tim Burton you just kept pimping him until you put nipples on his bat suit and killed the franchise in 97 with "Batman and Robin". At least you had the decency then to let the fans grieve for six or seven years before you breathed new life into the Bat. The success of the Dark Knight trilogy and the mark that Bale made needs to be lamented for a while. I think people were so distressed by the departure Of Bale and Nolan that you could have cast Bruce Wayne himself and people would have been outraged.


First "The Flash" needs a movie and if you're going to combine superheroes you need to show him some respect. I wrote a treatment (Can the Flash Save the Green Lantern) where you could use this movie not only to introduce the Flash but say goodbye to Hal Jordan's Lantern and introduce John Stewart's. Yes I would much rather see John Stewart in the Justice League than Hal Jordan. I don't think I'm the only person who would appreciate a little more diversity in superheroes. I really like the TV show "Arrow" and he could probably make the jump into a Justice League movie but I have a bad feeling that if The Flash doesn't make it as a TV series no one will take the character in a movie seriously.


What is up with Wonder Woman? Why haven't you shown this woman the respect she deserves? I don't understand why if Thor can make the jump to the big screen in his mother's drapes, then why can't Diana make the Jump from Themyscira ?

I personally like Evan Lee's Idea of Having Diana battle her twin sister Nubia on Paradise Island, but for the movieverse- The prizes her golden lasso, Hermes slippers,etc., and an outfit fashioned by a female aviator in the Amelia Earhart vain (testing an invisible jet maybe?) named Diana Trevor that crashed on the island and then gave her life helping The Amazons fight off an invasion. Nubia Kicks Diana's butt into the ocean where she is rescued and healed by Posiedon. Then when Triton gets a little too grabby she is rescued by Aquaman brought back to the island where Steve Trevor has crashed while searching for his mother. The gods say someone has to bring him back to the world of man and stay there to help them. Although it should be Nubia she refuses but ends up giving her prizes to Diana to help and protect her on her journey. She gets here to New England and while Cheetah keeps trying to steal her golden lasso, Triton tricks The Ocean master into thinking the US navy is attacking Atlantis so he hijacks an aircraft carrier and attacks Boston (where Diana Prince is staying) with an army of sea creatures so Aqua, Wonder, and maybe a little help from Supe, have their climactic movie battle.

So Dear Warner Brothers, I know I'm no one to talk, but this would not only give you five superheroes for the price of two movies. It would give people time to grieve the Dark Knight and It would then give you a good basis for the Justice League. Then it would be better if J'onn J'onzz Made his film debut here with Superman or maybe he could just be a dark figure observing the Superhumans he believes might help him to get back to Mars in all those movies finally revealing himself in the Justice league.Then maybe just maybe I could deal with Ben Affleck as Batman in the Justice League. He always has done better when he is part of an ensemble cast anyways (his acting isn't as noticeable). So please Warner Brothers, the DC universe is one of beloved heroes not whores please show them the respect they and their fans deserve.


Dave Conley
Internet Troll

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