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When I first saw the trailer, I actually started to laugh at the thought of Sandra Bullock floating in space for 2 hours. But the running time sticks to 90 minutes, as there is...not much going on. Between the high-octane sequences are scenes that provide breathing room that space it out (ha, get it?). Sandra Bullock deserves an Oscar nomination. While there only few scientific errors that slide into the jump scare format, Gravity is a thrill ride that is near roller-coaster level. It is finally the movie that reinvents the glory of 3-D, and it should benefit at the box office from the format, as well as IMAX.

The shots are brilliantly well-executed, Cuarón takes this what seems like a generic Cast Away in Space flick and turns it into a visual masterpiece, and I wouldn't be surprised at a Best Picture nomination, as well as a director nod for Cuarón.

In Gravity, Dr. Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock) and Matt Kowalski (George Clooney) as well as a third person I can't remember the name of, both the actor and the character. It is Stone's first trip into space, and Kowalski's last, as he trades amusing stories as Stone has just come out of simulation training, which consisted of six months. Assuming the Russians exploded their satellite with a missile, things quickly go awry, as Stone's luck is as if the movie was taking place on Friday the 13th (albiet unlucky).

When debris hits the shuttle and leaves them stranded, the intense sequences slow down and there are a few dialogue scenes of which we don't invest in the characters. How the story is handled is wildly coherent But in those intense moments, I was on the edge of my seat.

Best Visual Effects is a for-sure nomination for the 2014 Academy Awards. It is better than The Lone Ranger and Pacific Rim, and somehow has better usage of visuals, despite costing a fraction of their $200 million + budgets. While reports say its budget ranges from $80-120 million, the visuals look as if it was coming from a costly $250 million picture.

If there is a movie to see in IMAX 3D, its Gravity. The experience is broader, the intense is bigger and overall the movie is better.

Gravity hits all the right notes to make it work, save for some scenes attempting real emotion, ultimately failing. Gravity is too silly to ignore, but not enough to take seriously. The coherent action makes up for the script's plodding exposition involving Dr. Stone.

What letter grade do you give Gravity? Let me know in the comments below.


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