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For many years now I have thought about pitching a new movie concept to New Line Cinema to bring back the original Nightmare on Elm Street series. However lately I have been thinking that my story concept would much better suit a videogame concept than a motion picture. I mean it has been awhile since I have seen a horror franchise try to jump over to the videogame market and try produce one of these slasher icons and make him in 3D world where you get to control what he does.

In the beginning you would play as one of the teenagers on Elm Street who is being haunted by the spirit of Freddy. I am not going with the Freddy VS Jason storyline in this game; I have removed that whole storyline from this idea all together. So this storyline arc goes back to the last Nightmare on Elm Street movie, Freddy’s Dead!

Since then the population in Springwood, Ohio has increased as it has grown larger. The small community has now grown almost the size of an actual city. So this is where the setting of this videogame would take place, now for Freddy to come back, some teenagers would have to do something really stupid, like some sort of witch craft ritual to resurrect him, which is exactly what happens.

In the beginning of the game, you play as one of the 4 witches in the coven, where you would have to search for Freddy’s remains, for example finding his bones, his hat, his sweater, and of course his glove. Once found they would perform the ritual and this would bring him back from the dead.

Only for it to backfire on them, as you would now be playing as Freddy from this point on as you would be stalking these four witches in their coven to take their souls. However this will not be an easy task because each of them would have a group of friends that would protect them and Freddy would have to take them out one by one.

So this is the concept idea I thought of for A Nightmare on Elm Street video game idea. Now onto another topic, should A Nightmare on Elm Street remake be dropped and they continue on with Robert England’s series from where Jason VS Freddy left off? I think 100% yes, Robert England is the only Freddy the other one, was a joke and did not deserve to be even be on the big screen.

Or does the new remake series need a part 2? I think A Nightmare On Elm Street: Part 2 Freddy’s Revenge was a great storyline it just was terribly acted by all the actor’s on every level. Do you think they should try and do a new version of A Nightmare on Elm Street 2? Or maybe here is an idea just, write an entirely different Nightmare on Elm Street story for part 2? What do you think, write some comments, maybe we can get this popular horror franchise back on track once again?

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