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Christina Tenisha Small

Wes Ball’s latest project, an adaptation of James Dashner’s ‘The Maze Runner’ has had its release date postponed from Valentine’s Day 2014, to September 19th 2014 according to the folks over at Collider. One of many in the string of YA book to movies hitting our screens over the next few years, The Maze Runner, starring Teen Wolf's Dylan O’Brien, was set to hit movie theatres in February 2014. For unknown reasons, the film has been pushed back for an Autumn release, although it doesn’t take a genius to guess why.

The Maze Runner is currently in post-production and those who have read the series, or indeed the first book, are well aware of the magnitude of the film visually. The decision to push back its release, makes me think that perhaps they’re taking a little more time to perfect the movie and its effects and possibly remove the direct threat from Mark Waters latest project, an adaptation of Richelle Mead’s New York Times best-selling series, Vampire Academy. Although two very different books series, with completely varying themes, ideas and characters, the two were initially set for a release date of February 14th 2014, and both being YA adaptations, were bound to be in some sort of competition with each other.

How do you feel about this latest set back for The Maze Runner?


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