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Everyone knows beauty is in the eye of the beholder...So before I get into the casting, I want you to really look at the character in the Wonder Woman comics. I want you to think about all the times a super hero of yours was wrongfully cast and how upset you were because they didn't look the part. Well, it's no different for our dear Wonder Woman...

There is no right or wrong when it comes to a woman's beauty. We come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. So, instead of just picking a bunch of random beautiful actresses, I developed a criteria for finding a woman who looks like the one in the comic books. The reason for this isn't because some one different from the comic isn't beautiful, it's for less controversy in general. They made Brandon Routh wear blue contacts for the same reason. I was actually offended by that because if you're going to cast a brown eyed actor, then let him be brown eyed... It's sending a bad message. So I'm composing we just stick with what we got, or we might as well just change the character's appearance completely. I'm not saying we can't cast someone different! I personally am nostalgic, so for the purposes of this fan cast, I'm sticking with the lovely lady in the comic. As always, remember it's just an opinion, we're all entitled to them.

So, here's what I've seen on a lot of different people's criteria list and I'm going to try to stick with that a bit but also play around with some ideas. I'm not looking at how muscular they are because they can bulk up for the movie, and Wonder Woman isn't supposed to look like He-man.

1. The "whole" look

  • Eyes and hair
  • Body type
  • Height ( many ways it can be altered but I put it in for giggles)
  • The chin and jaw (personal requirement)

2. Acting experience

That chin and jaw alone could deflect bullets...

Alright, after you've read all of that here we go. Now depending on how DC want's to do this. I'll start with older actresses, then maybe some younger ones to give variety.

The "oldest" pick is Tricia Helfer. She's 39 years old and has a lot of experience. She's in many TV series and also does a lot of voice acting( Battle Star Gallatica, Green Lantern, Tron). While this may be too old for some, realize Ben Affleck is 41, and he's our new Batman. I personally would prefer younger actresses, so we get more movies, but I'm throwing in some variety.

Bridget Reagan, she's known for being in Legend of the Seeker. She really has the look.

Alexa Davalos, you probably remember her from Riddick. She's one of my personal favorites. She's got spunk

Katie Mcgrath, known for being in Merlin. She'd make a nice fit.

Amber Heard, just recently in Paranoia and Machete Kills.

Alexandra Daddario, known from the Percy Jackson series. At 27 years old, she looks a bit young but I think she could pull it off. She's a personal favorite as well.

This list could keep going. The point of this list is, if you really look, there are tons of actresses that look the part and CAN act. I hope I gave you some newer perspectives than some of the more popular actresses being thrown in all the fan casts. I also hope people realize there is no "perfect" Wonder Woman, as there is no "perfect" woman. It's all a matter of opinion.

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