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This movie is shockingly good. Based on the series Flashpoint by Geoff Johns, it is very respectful to the source material. The story revolves around The Flash being stuck in an alternate reality where the world's hero's and villains have been altered. What is this alternate reality? How did The Flash get here? How does he fix it?

The film's animation is slightly anime, which we actually felt was a good fit for the film, though it is different from Andy Kubert's original art. Some could complain that the anime style made the character's unrealistically muscular, which could take you from the movie. But honestly we felt the animation was nice.

The big element that made this film stand out was the adult content. Although this is an animated film, it is tailored more to adults. There is cussing now and then, but the real kicker is the violence and gore. We felt the action was really great! They aren't afraid to show blood and the deaths in the movie can get pretty hardcore. We feel like this made the movie stand out in a great way because it made us, the more mature comic readers, a reason to stay hooked in.

We highly recommend Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox to any comic fan; Marvel, DC, Image, IDW, Darkhorse, etc. The story alone is really great, let alone the way it is delivered. They even went as far as to get the amazing Kevin Conroy as the voice of Batman for the few minutes he was in the movie. Could we see this as a live action film? Yes, we truly can and hope someday down the road it'll happen. We would give this movie a 9/10 and that might even be lowballing it.

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