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Lars Johnson
Gravity exploded with $55 million this weekend, setting a new record for the month of October. It's box office performance most likely won't impact is Oscar chances, which are at the moment incredibly high, so a nomination for Best Picture wouldn't surprise me. It's basically a lock at this point for Best Visual Effects. Gravity stars George Clooney and Sandra Bullock, the latter on a roll recently with The Heat grossing over $159 million.
What is interesting if you said Gravity was going to open to $55 million a week ago, you would have been deemed crazy. Predictions ranged from $22 million to $40 million, and many predictors didn't go much higher. A film that was initially set to open to $30 million max lived up to the hype that started within the last week when more and more started praising it, as it currently notches an impressive 98 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. Gravity has to thank the 3-D format, as 80 percent of ticket sales were in the format.

About $11 million came from IMAX theaters. Gravity has now been deemed the runaway hit of the fall, and time will tell if it will hold its own against Captain Phillips next weekend.
Speaking of Captain Phillips, the film rolled out for a one-night only sneak previews to gain word-of-mouth. After Gravity, is there another room for another hit with adult audience. The answer at the moment is yes, as across the country theaters were about 75 percent full, and many major cities including some smaller venues were sold out, which is impressive considering it was playing against Gravity on Saturday night.
The film looks as if it will endure a strong box office run, as it skewed an amazing A- CinemaScore, and word of mouth is still spreading. Gravity looks to be in line for (at least) a $150 million total. The film cost $100 million, so it should make a hefty profit for Warner Bros., which still has the second Hobbit film left in the year, which should also make a jaw-dropping amount of cash that even Smaug would be surprised at.


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