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So the speculation that Agent Phil Coulson is/will be the Android Avenger The Vision is no new trend. However, Of the few articles on MP that I've read, I have seen scattered reasoning to support this claim, so since I believe that there is a short list of real evidence in favor of the theory, I'm going to attempt to put it all in one article... and plus I simply Love to stir up discussion and debate.

So Let's Begin shall we..

Exhibit A: The Scarlet Which

All of this Coulson/Vision debate was born out of one scene in the Avengers movie when Cap asked Coulson if he had someone. Coulson Replied that there was someone, a cellist who lived in Portland. And for those who don't know, the SW and Vision were married. Now that last part is where all the fuss is. The Scarlet is a cellist and the only relevant one in the Marvel Universe that I can think of.

Ok, we know that the SW has been announced to be in the next avengers movie, which to some people confirms the VIsion theories. Other people will bring up the fact that Coulson's character was not supposed to last this long that he was only brought back to life because of the mass support the fans showed for him. So, the opposing arguments will claim that Coulson couldnt be the vision because he wasnt even supposed to be alive after the avengers.

To this I say Nay.

Exhibit B: The Timeline

Scarlett Which and Quicksilver were announced to be in the next Avengers movie after production had started on the AofS tv show. Which means Coulson was back in play when they made the announcement. Which means that it is possible that choice was made to take the opportunity of the popularity that coulson has and develop it and since the Marvel Cinematic Universe deals heavily with advanced technology, its not that far of a stretch to use the android path to bring coulson back and introduce a past love in the next avengers movie while also making him a larger part of the team.

Exhibit C: The Show

All of this seems to be supported by the clandestine manner in which Agent Coulson Returned in the Marvel TV Show.. Apparently not even coulson knows the real facts of what happened so its totally possible, in my opinion, that he is an android.

There you go, all my reasons... Have at it


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