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Something I had seen on a post had made me wonder...was the Mandarin we saw in IronMan 3 truly not the Mandarin from the comics?

The picture brings into focus the rings of the Mandarin .. 1) Remaker- shatters & reimagines relationships on a sub-atomic level

2) Influence- through various forces cause a body to undergo change

3) Spin- decelerates time around the wearer

4) Spectral- shimmers air around user.. makes them ghostly

5) NightBringer- creates maleable darkness

6) Zero- fills the space with vacuum {irony? I know..}

*7) Liar- creates world upon world of illusory fable, as impossible to escape as tangles in a dream {Inception!}, but vexes user as well

8) Lightning- creates directable electrical discharge 9) Incandescence - scorches air before it

10) Diamonic- creates loyalty and obsession

*Among the ten , the Liar is the most curious ring. Can it not be, that it was indeed the true Mandarin who was portrayed by Sir Ben Kingsley! Using the Liar alone he could've woven a plot and made himself appear as an 'actor' . So intricate was his plot that he himself had become engrossed by the lie and escaped the much worse fate of being the one true Mandarin ...only to rise again ! Just a passing thought . Though if Marvel is truly playing towards this then I'm sold !


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