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Nicci Sefton

As a female who loves comic books and superheroes, I have to say I am kind of disappointed in the lack of female characters in the new Christopher Nolan Batman series. Sure we had my personal favorite villain, Catwoman, and my not so favorite, Talia al Gul, but I believe they missed some great opportunities throughout the saga.

1. Barbara Gordon aka Batgirl

Let's start with The Dark Knight. We meet all of Commissioner Gordon's family, except the most important one. Barbara Gordon- aka Batgirl. How easily it could've been to show her character. Instead of Gordon going to his son's room, he could've gone to his daughter’s room. Instead of choosing his son when Harvey Dent asked him to choose, he could've chosen Barbara. Just that simple Easter egg would've been fine. It also could have led to an even bigger Easter egg. Bigger than Joseph Gordon-Levitt being Robin. The Oracle. Eight years pass until The Dark Knight Rises, people grow up. Which means obviously Barbara would be an adult and after her 'traumatizing' experience with Two-Face, what a better motivation to join her father's task force... also a great excuse for Batgirl to meet her Robin.

2. Harley Quinn

The second female character they missed out on was everyone's favorite little trouble maker, Harley Quinn. When we get to see into Selina Kyle's- aka Catwoman- life we see her with a petite woman with blonde hair and a love for chaos... if memory serves, Catwoman and Harley Quinn are close friends in Gotham City Sirens. This is another example on how easily just a couple of lines could have given us our Harley that we crave. All that needed to be said was a comment about a crazy boyfriend in jail or something.

3. An Epic Cat Fight

In regards to Catwoman and Talia al Gul appearances, I believe they also missed out on a killer cat fight (pun intended). These two women are mortal enemies due to their attraction to Batman. We see these ladies come face to face… and sadly not even a back handed comment. What a great excuse to see two great female villains fight.

So my question is, why have so many missed opportunities? Are they planning something bigger for these characters? Will Batgirl be featured in the new Superman vs. Batman with Robin? Is Harley Quinn getting her own movie? Are the rumors true about Batman having a girlfriend in the new Superman vs. Batman? Only patience will give us these answers. The only thing we can do now is hope for a GOOD Wonder Woman movie.


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