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One of my all time favorite superheroes deserves an appearance in one of the upcoming Justice League movies or his own movie, and who is he you may ask? Well read the title of the article: Blue Beetle. A little bit of back story for those who don't know about the Sapphire Insect.

In 1939, the character of Blue Beetle (Dan Garrett) was first featured in Fox Comics' Mystery Men Comics #1 which was written by the creator of The Spirit himself: Will Eisner, who's grave was spit on by Frank Miller with The Spirit movie...I hate Miller. Also I just realized, Blue Beetle and original Spirit crossover would have been awesome. The art was done by Charles Nicholas Wojtkoski of Fox Comics. The main story was that a rookie cop named Dan Garrett took a new drug called Vitamin 2X and it gave him super-energy and he wore a bullet-proof suit. Remember kids always take drugs to get superpowers! His run in comics didn't last long, I've never read those comics but I hear they are pretty good. Because of the fall of Fox Comics in the mid 50s and the rise of the Golden Age of Comics, Blue Beetle faded into obscurity but was still around in a radio-show like the Spirit. After the fall of Fox Comics, the Blue Beetle comics were bought up by Charlton Comics who are responsible for the creation of characters like Captain Atom and E-Man. No that's not He-Man spelled wrong.

Over the years, Blue Beetle was still in obscurity but still surviving, he went through a reboot when he was owned by AC Comics, this version is the one most people remember: Archaeologist Dan Garrett finds a mystic scarab in Egypt and it gave him the power to fight crime and so he would transform into the Blue Beetle by yelling the words "Kaji-Dah!" This reboot I've heard is awesome but why don't we get to the guy we're supposed to be talking about. In 1967, co-creator of my favorite Marvel superhero Spider-Man: Steve Ditko wrote the revision series about Ted Kord, a student of Dan Garret who is given the scarab when Garret is killed but the scarab didn't bond with him like Garret so he did not obtain powers, but he wanted to continue the work of the Blue Beetle so similar to Batman, he built an array of blue beetle themed gadgets, suit, and vehicles then went out into the night to fight crime. I love Ted Kord he was a fantastic hero, Steve Ditko did a great job which led to the creation of the Question and Dr. Strange. So if there is going to be a Blue Beetle adaptation whether it be television series or a movie, I think it should be the Ted Kord, Ditko version; the version that was awesome until DC decided to turn Kord into a money grubber and scam artist...ugh.


The Blue Beetle hero has defended the city for thirty years, but teacher Dan Garrett is murdered so he passes the role of Blue Beetle onto his friend and apprentice with his dying breath: Ted Kord who at first is confused but soon learns when he discovers Dan's original suit in his manor, he gladly accepts the role wanting to make his mentor proud, he trains himself with mixed martial arts, uses his technological skills to build a new suit, an array of gadgets, and a flying beetle shaped vehicle called the Bug then goes off to fight crime. An old enemy of Dan Garrett returns named Death Mask and is putting together an army of criminals to wage war against this new Blue Beetle.

Title - The Blue Beetle

Director - Marc Webb

Why not? He directed the Amazing Spider-Man which is based off a Steve Ditko character, I love Webb's camera style and focus on good characters so I'd love to have him for the Blue Beetle.


Ted Kord/Blue Beetle - Benedict Cumberbatch

What can I say, this guy has turned into one of my favorite actors: he was magnificent in Star Trek Into Darkness, he put Robert Downey Jr. (Who was great) to shame as Sherlock Holmes, he's already awesome as Smaug, so why not have him play a hero.

Dan Garrett - Bryan Cranston

Yeah I know he's been in tons of movies lately and he's in the new Godzilla but come on, its Bryan Cranston; the man is a great actor and I think he'd make the perfect Dan Garrett.

Death Mask - Clive Owen

Death Mask never really had that big of impact in the Blue Beetle universe but that can change, Clive Owen has good acting skills and a cool voice to pull it off.

Tell me your thoughts down below.


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