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Given that I’m supposed to be involved in some work training that is leaving me wanting to ingest enough icing to induce a glycemic coma, I thought it best to try to kick start my rapidly numbing mind into some sort of life, before my sanity is sucked through my ear holes and I find myself drinking coffee with the Chitauri.

Normally on Sunday afternoons / evenings, my friends and I get together and have a ‘movie night’. Complete with my patented ‘Cheesy popcorn’, savory food, beverages, and not a short supply of one liners that someone manages to insert into the movie at some of the most awesome times.

However, this Sunday evening was changed up a tad. We watched the pilot and first episode of Agents of Shield. All in all, it’s great to see Coulson spreading his wings, although, one of my friends called out that he is possibly a clone. I can’t fault him on that because Coulson keeps saying that Tahiti is “magical place” and nothing more. Also, when we see the doctor (Ron Glass, who also played Shepherd in the enduring and awesome Firefly show [Joss, you sly dog]) and Maria Hill talking just after Coulson leaves the room, Ron asks, “He doesn't know does he?” and Maria replies, “He must never know.” It’s to this end that my friend literally called out, “He’s a clone!” Ironically MP’s Alisha Grauso penned an article about this. (See Alisha’s article about this here). My friend hasn't read this either. One of the first things that jumped out was the scene where the agents are reviewing the footage of the man jumping out of the burning building and it’s said “he has unregistered super powers.” When I heard this I looked to my other friend and couldn’t help but point out that it seems like everything is bottle-necking to a civil war.

We have Stark falling apart at the seams in IM3, there’s tension between Stark and Captain America in Avengers, Spider-man reboot working well, X-Men Days of Future Past which is introducing the Sentinels (who enforce registration), and a few rumors on Fantastic Four being rebooted. These are all major players in the Civil War. Just a small thought, what does everyone else think? Could the Marvel Civil War be the ultimate end game with phase 3?

Aside from that, does anyone think Delolah is a call back to Stark’s concept flying car (as seen in Captain America)?

And is it just my friend, or was anyone else waiting to hear a reference to snakes on a plane when SLJ was chewing out Coulson for the big hole in the fuselage?


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