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First off let me say that I loved the movie “Punisher: War Zone”. To me it is the best Punisher to date. With that said I wanted to cast a grittier in your face rated R version of the X-men series. Don’t get me wrong or confused, I am not saying I want a gory death and blood filled version of the X-men, I simply want to see a less campy more adult focused film. I think this would be a great film with excellent acting and w/ a gritty in your face script it could be the best ever made.

Let’s start with the X-MEN!!

Billy Zane as Professor Charles Xavier Billy Zane bring something different to the role. You can see how he could easily accept Eric’s mentality and knowing this we see why he chose the path he did. Zane also bring the table a certain physicality possibility. You get the feeling that if possible he could hold his own when it comes to combat.

Armie Hammer as Cyclops I always read Cyclops as a bit of a militant mentality, straight forward and dedicated that comes with military style training. Hammer has that all American boy next door look but you can also see a Captain America in him, which is what I always saw in Cyclops. I think Hammer could bring out a torn aspect of Summers, he knows this is the fight that he should be fighting but the publics hatred seems to be tearing at him slowly.

Amanda Righetti as Jean Grey/Phoenix To be able to pull this role off, you need to be a leader, strong, and beautiful while still being able to pull off the dark and evil. Righetti has pulled all of the above off just in the show “The Mentalist”. Trust me, if you have not seen her just check out season 2 of “The Mentalist”. She gets my vote every time.

Paul Giamotti as Hank McCoy/Beast First of all, I want to see the beast from the comics. I am getting tired of seeing these toned down variations. Give me the abnormal stockiness, the huge feet and hands. The whole point is feeling like there is nothing you can do from being stared at. Screw the big feet that someone can somehow curl up, fit into shoes and still walk normally. With that childish rant aside… Pauly G would do wonders with this role pre and post transformation. He would bring heart and intellect to a role that oozes both as is. I would also expect that he would lend his excellent comedic timing to the role where need be.

Ryan Kwanten as Ice Man This one is a no brainer for me, Light hearted, ready and willing to go , and being the coolest of the group…PUN INTENDED!!!! BOOM!!! That was awesome. I would love to see, what he could bring to the role minus looking like he has been sitting on tacks all day and refuses to get up (Sorry Ashmore).

Justin Hartley as Angel/Archangel Honestly Hartley’s role on “Smallville lends a great eye into the rich boy with a secret. I see a lot more angst that could be brought to the role of Angel by Hartley. As free as Angel is, there was still a lot of heartache. I would love to see this brought to the table to lead the character into his transformation at the hands of Apocalypse. Well there ya go, your first class,

What are your thoughts? Agree? Disagree?

Part 2 coming soon…


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