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A few weeks ago I posted articles for He-Man & Thundercats about who I thought should play the roles for those characters in a movie. Now I am going to do the same for a popular Comic Book Franchise and Cartoon Franchise, ARCHIE! This has been a series that I have been wanted to see hit the big screen for a very long time. Keep in mind this movie if it happened could have some complete unknowns in it. Some of them will more than likely be cast from popular teen drama series that are currently playing in.

The main plot I am going with if this movie was made, is a 'Saved by the Bell' meets 'Beverly Hills 90210' type of feel. I’m talking teen drama here, not True Blood, or horror teen drama. You know the actual teen drama that actually made prime time shows like Beverley Hills, Melrose Place, The Heights, & Models Inc., successful. I also happen to be an author who is also a teen drama writer. So this is also an area that I have done lots of research in, and teen dramas are a huge hit right now with the teen demographic between the ages of 16-19. So this movie would definitely bring in a ton of cash just as much as The Hunger Games series would or maybe even a True Blood crossover motion picture.

Ok so onto my three top choices to play Archie Andrews.

#1 Rupert Grint

This is an actor who has already been part of a movie franchise. He has the red hair already so not much need of a makeover for him in the costume department. However I am sure Rupert even though with his British accent probably could pull off giving Archie the American voice as well. Rupert is a very good actor and I think he could pull it off.

#2 Calumn Worthy

I think that Calum Worthy the actor, who portrays Dez on Austin & Ally, is another possibility to play this role. He is already playing a clumsy character on Austin and Ally. He also has won people over on the small screen and has been nominated six times as the best, “Leading young actor” for the Young Artist Award and even has some solo spotlights in the movie Stormworld back in 2009.

#3 Ross Lynch

I think that Ross Lynch the teen actor, singer and instrumentalist, who is best known for portraying Austin Moon, on the Disney Channel, in the series Austin & Alley. Is probably another good choice to pull off Archie, yes I know he has blonde hair, but there is something called hair dye, and it would take what maybe an hour in a hair salon to change his hair color to red. He already has the musical aspects of Archie’s character down, as we all know that Archie does play the guitar in his band. So I think this would be another great choice to play Archie.
Now that I have selected three choices to play Archie, I am going to only select one top choice of who I think should play some of these other, popular Archie characters.

Keep in mind if they plan to make sequels not every character in the Archie comics franchise will make it into the first movie. If anything you will probably see the popular five first, Archie, Betty, Jughead, Veronica, & Reggie! There could be a possibility to see Moose & Midge, but I don’t see Dilton, Chuck or Ethel being in the first one.

Ok so onto who I think should play as Betty Cooper

#1 Halston Sage:

If there ever was a girl to play the girl next door type, look no further, just take a look at her. Long blonde hair, a killer body just like Betty has. Halston would be perfect to portray an on screen version of Betty Cooper. She also has the acting skills to back this up. So I think she would be an excellent choice for Betty.

Onto who I think should play as Jughead Jones

#1 Miles Teller

This was the guy who played Willard in the, Footloose remake back in 2011. He was very good in portraying this character. However I often pictured him in this movie wearing Jughead’s crown the entire time. I think he would be an excellent choice to portray an on screen version of Jughead.

Onto who I think should play as Veronica Lodge

#1 India Eisley

Veronica is possibly one of the toughest characters to be casted; she would be a tough nut to crack so to speak. However after I did a little poking around and watched a few episodes of “The Secret Life of an American Teenager.” This actress had the poshness of Veronica hands down over anyone else I was looking at. I could definitely see her poshness on the big screen right now. She is also the daughter of Olivia Hussey (of Romeo & Juliet), so this is who I think would be a great choice to portray, Ronnie Lodge.

Onto who I think should play as Reggie Mantle

#1 Luke Benward

Let’s face it, Reggie is a jerk, and we love him for it. For this, I think the actor who has been currently working on his role in Disney’s Good Luck Charlie. He can be smug, without having too many popular known bullying qualities, such as Biff Tannen from the Back to the Future series. Benward also recently played as an autistic teen in Dear John. So I think this would be a good choice to portray Reggie.

Onto who I think should play as Moose Mason

#1 Alexander Ludwig

Did you see him in the hunger games? Who else could portray the muscular, jealous bully better? I mean I could see him and Luke Benward having some pretty interesting chases around the school campus on the big screen. He would be an excellent choice to consider portraying Moose.

Onto who I think should play as Midge Clump

#1 Sarah Hanratty

I think she would be a very good choice to play as Midge, considering it is a supporting character role. She would be perfect, even though she has brown hair, and it is long, a quick day at the hair salon would transform her into the on screen version of Midge. Sarah began her acting career in 2007 portraying young Charlotte “Chuck” Charles on the ABC series Pushing Daisies. In 2011 she played Whitney Brown in the movies, “The Greening of Whitney Brown.” She also currently serves as a Star Power Ambassador for Starlight Children’s Foundation. Add this role onto her resume and I am sure we would see her in other teen drama films similar to this one.

Onto who I think should play as Mr. Weatherbee
#1 John C. Reilly

I think that Weatherbee needs to be tough, but needs to know how to temper that, and personally I believe that John would definitely hit the nail right on the head in portraying this character. I know you are all use to seeing him in comedic roles like he portrayed in Talledega Nights, or Step Brothers. However I think that John could bring in some comedy to the table with this character as well.

Onto who I think should play as Mr. Lodge.
#1 Bob Saget

I`m sorry I will probably get a lot of negative responses to this idea. I honestly think Bob Saget would be good to play as the crabby Mr. Lodge. We are all use to seeing him portray the good dad, supportive and caring during his days on Full House. How about giving him some white hair and a mustache and give him a temper and a mustache. I think he would look exactly like how Mr. Lodge does in the comic book.

Onto who I think should play as Miss Grundy
#1 Jane Lynch

Do I really have to explain why she would be a perfect Miss Grundy? If you have not seen her in movies or TV shows and see how great of an actress she is. Then you really are bad personal casting directors. She can portray anyone you would write up for her on the big screen or small screen. She is perfect for this roll, and I think would be the right fit for this cast.

The reason why I have took some veteran actor’s to portray the adults is because let’s face it some of the names I have mentioned. Have never even been in a major blockbuster like this would be. Similar to Star Wars, and what made that movie so successful was that Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, & Carrie Fisher, were complete unknowns in that film. It was Alec Guinness who was well known in that movie for his work on the big screen. This is why I think this cast would work, you bring in some veteran actors to help out with the onscreen portrayals of this movie, and it would make it an instant classic.

So with that said I’ll leave you with this all to ponder and think about, until next time!


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