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Casey Affleck, Ben's younger brother is having a busy year. He is currently filming Christopher Nolan's Interstellar and his outlaw drama Ain't Them Bodies Saints has gotten good reviews. His current film Out of the Furnace, has him starring with the last Batman (before brother Ben takes over for three movies) Christian Bale.

In Out of the Furnace, Affleck plays Rodney Blaze Jr, an Iragi war veteran who becomes involved with a vicious back-woods crime ring led by Curtis DeGroat (Woody Harrelson) while his older brother (Bale) is in jail. When Russell gets out, Rodney has disappeared and the police are unable or unwilling to chase down the culprits, leaving it up to Russell to find out what has happened to his brother and deliver his own kind of justice.

Zoe Zaldana plays Russell's girlfriend and Forest Whitaker the police captain who refuses to get involved. Sam Sheppard is Russell's terminally ill father. Willem Dafoe also stars as one of DeGroat's Henchman.

The director Scott Cooper directed Jeff Bridges to an Oscar win and Maggie Gyllenhaal to a Best Supporting Actress nomination for Crazy Heart, so don't be surprised if Bale and Affleck get similar mention.

A poster and a second trailer have been released. The poster has Bale aiming his rifle at an unseen victim on the ground. The trailer is filled with a washed out gritty film palette appropriate for this back-wood revenge tale layered with a whispery rendition of Neil Young's Heart of Gold. Affleck and Bale project a lot of angst, pain and rage to go along with all the on-screen bare knuckles brawling.

Out of the Furnace opens December 6th.

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