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Let’s jump back for a moment to Nickelodeons heyday. The 1990’s was a great time to be a kid. Not just because of great TV of course, but that is what we are going to focus on in this article. When I take a look back at the pop culture that influenced me as a kid a few things come to mind, TMNT, Power Rangers, Are You Afraid of the Dark and above all Pete & Pete

The Adventures of Pete and Pete is honestly one of the best shows I have ever had the privilege to watch. But you don’t need to just take my word for it, IGN called Pete & Pete "One of the most well-written kid’s shows ever". I love the show Pete & Pete so much that the title of my first film (The Nightcrawlers) was named after an episode.

The show was created by Will McRobb and Chris Viscardi, produced by Wellsville Pictures and broadcast by Nickelodeon. It all began with 26 minute-long shorts that aired in between other Nickelodeon programs in 1989. The shorts were so popular that they spawned five half-hour specials and eventually lead to a regular half-hour series which ran for three seasons from (1993-1996), with 34 regular season episodes. Throughout its run the show had many gust stars like Selma Blair, LL Cool J, J.K. Simmons and Iggy Pop.

Pete & Pete is set in New York. They never actually say so, but the license plates on the cars give that much away. The show was filmed in Wayne, South Orange, Leonia, and a bunch of other places around northern New Jersey.

The show takes a look at the lives and adventures of two ginger brothers with the same name, Pete Wrigley. The show featured hilariously surreal elements and recurring themes, in its narrative, all centered on the brothers and their interactions with their family.

The show was so popular that there was even going to be a movie! McRobb and Viscardi originally wrote the film Snow Day (2000) to be an extension of Pete & Pete. But, unfortunately, Paramount pictures was not interested in a Pete & Pete feature at that time. By the time they were ready to make the film the two principal actors had grown up. So the characters were renamed and recast. Snow Day did however keep their Pete and Pete director Chris Koch. The film also featured some of the series regulars like Chris Elliott, Iggy Pop and Damian Young.

But what happened to the shows' two stars? What have they done since the series has ended? The older Pete, Michael C. Maronna, has since moved behind the camera, working mostly as an electrician. While the younger Pete, Danny Tamberelli, has pretty much fallen off the map. He did appear in a few Nickelodeon shows post Pete & Pete like Space Cases, 100 Deeds for Eddie McDown and All That. Danny most recently did a voice in GTA 5, which is pretty cool. In addition to that the cast of the show did return in 2013 for The Adventures of Pete & Pete 20th Anniversary Reunion.

If this show has somehow not made it on your radar in the last 20 years I implore you to find it and give it a view. The first two seasons were released on DVD in 2005; the third was planned for 2006 but was indefinitely postponed. But don’t worry you can find most of the episodes on YouTube.

How do I word this in the same weirdo spirit of the show? The Adventures of Pete and Pete will tickle your giggle muscle over and over again! And you’d be crazy not to enjoy it!



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