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When I heard about this movie most likely going into production, one word sprung to mind; Controversy. This won’t be your typical biography of a professional athlete; it will go down a road that most people will never understand including me. A movie of this caliber will be a bit different than most biopic films because for one, you rarely ever see a film about a professional wrestler and two; it’s a tragedy that people should learn about.

Chris Benoit was by far one of the best pro wrestlers of the 90’s, he can do practically anything, fly, wrestle, brawl and had great psychology in the ring and had some of the greatest matches with the likes of Eddie Guerrero, Chris Jericho, Kurt Angle, Triple H, Dean Malenko and others. Schedules in pro wrestling are horrendous, most guys wrestle as much as 280 days a year and would wrestle extra on the weekends to make some extra cash and have more TV time. Guys rarely ever have a good night’s sleep and live out of hotels, rental cars and planes. There’s no secret that a lot of them had demons with drugs, drinking, steroids, pills whatever you can name and it’s a damn shame plus medical insurance is not given to most of them. Chris made great headlines in most areas but yet the one thing he’ll be remembered most is the damn murder-suicide he committed on his wife, kid and himself.

As a fan growing up in the 90’s, I loved wrestlers that actually had great technical ability and really carry a match well, I didn't care much for the entertainment side of it because it just didn't appeal to me, some guys were great at entertaining like Rock, Austin, Triple H and Hollywood Hogan. When I saw those guys who can go around the ring doing suplexes, high flying, takedowns, flips, headlocks, submissions those were the most fascinating to me and very few can do better than Benoit did. I was in Philly at an airport coming home with a girlfriend at the time when I heard about what Benoit had done and having it spread on every news station in the country. I was shocked that one of my favorite wrestlers can do such a thing. When I researched on reports and coming up with my theory something always fishy came up and remembering about head traumas mixed with drugs and stuff like that. We will never know what went on in that house when that tragedy struck, no matter who talks, it will never be heard by the man himself.

There’s no question that this movie will be one of the darkest bios of this generation. It’s important however to look at things from a certain perspective and not judge someone based on what was told about them. Granted I feel what happened was immoral and evil but there’s far more to it than we perceive it to be. I’m sure it will show some highlights behind the scenes with the actor playing him and a match or two but really give insights to what made him feel so painful inside, his struggle to be a human being while being a character and getting banged up every night in the ring. There’s no doubt the man did steroids and/or other drugs, it’s practically mandatory in a business like that. An extreme few guys got away without using any of that stuff and had very few injuries but yet the majority did deal with painkillers and other stuff. I would love to find out how this movie turns out and can’t wait to see it, not because of the tragedy that goes with it but a tribute to a man that I loved to watch wrestle as a kid and want to remember his best battles with some of the best in the game during his time here on earth. How do you feel about all of this going on? What do you have to say about this extraordinary athlete?

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