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In my book, you haven't had a childhood unless you've seen a select few of classics, The Last Starfighter being one them.


With Hollywood on a rebooting binge that rivals the binge drinking of the UK (I can say that because I used to live there) you'd think this gem would be on the list. I mean, they've rebooted Batman how many times? Hulk, Spiderman, Robocop, to name a few.

Let's face it, as kids we loved movies like this. They were simple yet fun and something we could / can relate to. You have Alex Rogan (Lance Guest) who feels stuck, college being his only escape, has an annoying younger brother, is in love with the girl next door, and longs for something that would break the depression of monotonous every day life.

It's a tale that has the dreaming underdog wishing upon a star. Turns out the star he's wishing on happens to be an epic spaceship, called a Gunstar, that can decimate numerous baddies with the push of a button. Tell me you wouldn't want one of those for your commute to work.

Alex get's his wish, via a video game by the same name as the movie. He joins the star league and has a "Beta Unit" take his place so nobody will notice. Here's a picture of what it looks like as it morphs into a perfect look alike. Can you say, Human Tofu?

Here's Xur, the bad guy with his scepter of love. Why? If you owned an asteroid cannon you'd GQ pose with your scepter too.

The end of the movie is a perfect set up as we see Alex's brother step up tp the game.


The cast was at a convention last year and said they'd love to do a sequel. You can check out the article on that by clicking here. With that said, and with Hollywood's reboot syndrome you wouldn't think we'd have to wait. What you all think, should be visit a rebuilt and updated Star League or have a group hug with Xur's scepter?


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