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Joey Walsh

Clearly superhero films are here to stay, but once Hollywood starts looking for another trend to burn, I am predicting that video game adaptations done properly will be the next big thing. It is a wonder how it has not become a thing already. I also find it amazing how terribly they have been handled in the past. Hopefully with 2015’s Assassin’s Creed starring Michael Fassbender, history will correct itself. That is if it even happens. How many times has it been announced that a video game was being adapted only for it to fall into the depths of development hell? Anyhow, about those films I want to see:

  • Halo

How about that Halo film that has been picked up and dropped so many times Master Chief might need to spend the entirety of the film polishing his armor? The Halo universe is already so expansive and full of mythos that pulling an entry story from it should be simple enough. If done justice, a Halo franchise would translate into an enormous sci-fi epic.

  • Mass Effect

Man, Star Trek, Star Wars, and Guardians of the Galaxy sure have been creating a ridiculous amount of buzz for the sci-fi genre, huh? Hey, while we are on the subject, how about Mass Effect? Great segue, right? Right. They could literally recreate the three games scene-for-scene in live action and people would come flocking. (Aside for the ending to three. Am I right?) Play into the sci-fi scene while it is hot, folks.

  • Uncharted

Honestly, I am glad the Marky Mark version never came to fruition. It would have probably been a mess. Who are we trying to kid? He is not very Nathan Drake. But aside from that, it does have great potential to be a modern take on Indiana Jones or Tomb Raider. And without Shia LaBeouf or Angelina Jolie!

  • inFamous

What better way to wave goodbye (not really) to the superhero age and usher in the video game age than with an amalgam of both? inFamous is nothing if not a typical story you would read in a comic book that would sooner or later be adapted to the big screen, so why wait later rather than sooner? Maybe I also point out how appropriate it would be to have Jason Statham portray Cole?

  • Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

I am not sure if you can really consider this a video game adaptation rather than an Expanded Universe Star Wars film, but I am going to include it anyway. Likely one of the best Star Wars stories ever told, it would be a crime for it never to appear in live action. Disney would be doing the fandom a disservice considering they are planning on more or less annualizing the franchise.

  • Gears of War

I imagine this being somewhat similar to Halo, but with a lighter feel to it and less helmet action. While I was not much of a fan of the actual games, I appreciated the stories and how well they would translate. Seeing those monster beasties in the theater would be a good time.

  • Bioshock

Some folks seem to believe that without the help of an interactive medium, the story of Bioshock would not be conveyed to its fullest, thus it should not be adapted. I say phooey to that, sirs and madams. There is nothing stopping a competent screenwriter and director from taking the important meat and potatoes from what we love and stewing it all together for use to enjoy in other ways. Dinner time.

  • God of War

Clash of the Titans was pitiful and we could all use more Kratos in our lives. For whatever reason, Hollywood has strayed from the historic fantasy setting in favor of modern adaptions of classic tales, like with Percy Jackson. Time to go old school. Of course I am just a geek for mythology in general, so maybe I am alone? Doubtful.


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