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I too love the superhero genre but that seems to be all I ever see posted about. We get it the Nolan Batman universe was great. Michael Keaton was the absolute best Batman (ok maybe no one ever posted that BUT, they should have!) I decided, I wanted to take a minute to talk about books that should have been turned into movies, books that were turned into movies but got lost in translation and bad casting and books that were turned into movies and actually rocked it. this is only going to be a top five because I could go on and on. and Fair warning there will be no mention of Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, or Jurassic Park (although it is a favorite but it has been done to death) Pretty much this is a short list of ones worth mentioning for either good or bad reasons.

5. Stephanie Plum series: for those of you who saw it One For the Money was a mediocre at best movie. I'm a die hard fan of the book series and felt it wasn't just the Acting that fell short, in fact some of the performances were fine but the writing was just bad. Major parts of the book that would have added were cut out or changed and mooshed with other scenes for the sake of time, making it my lost in translation big time pick.

I never thought this series would make a good set of movies, I simply didn't think it would work. The writers would have to leave out too much for it to work. But a television series for sure. It would be a great tv series. They should have cast a younger woman as Stephanie Plum with some of the trademark physical traits. not to mention more of a knack for humor than Heigl has. Honestly, someone with a Sandra Bullock type of comedy style. actually Sandra Bullock twenty years ago would have been nearly perfect.

4. No One Would Listen : This is a book about the team that caught Bernie Madoff. Its actually a great book and I had the pleasure of seeing the author at our local university. It would be interesting to say the least. These men caught Madoff years before the rest of the Government cared. They said it over and over this is a scam you have to do something and then nothing happened until what Madoff couldn't return any of the money that was invested. It's actually just scary how he got a way with it and how many people including drug cartels and the Russian mofia and Hollywood elite and people we never heard of just gave this man money to invest with no actual proof besides the print outs he handed out. Really knowing hollywood they would take an already interesting story and dramatize it to no end but the original story itself would be good enough. I know there have been a made for tv movie or two about this story already but they weren't that great.

3. Amityville Horror. I know, I know its been done, a lot as far as the spinoffs and sequels that were just bad. But, I would love to see this done with a more realistic look and with a look at the Warren's investigation. Also I would love it, and I mean love it if the original manuscript for the book could just magically appear. The Lutz family even admitted that the movie and book were dramatized not by them but by those who stood to make a crap ton of money (which they actually didn't make that much off it) I would love to see a movie based on what they actually went through, one that makes you question whether it was more in their heads or actually happening. And also after they left it would be interesting to see in a movie how much their story transitioned from what they actually went through to what Ed and Lorraine Warren told them they went through. You know what I mean right like them sitting with the Warrens relating their story before the movie people got involved and then what the Warrens told them actually happened according to the world of the Warrens where everything is a demon or a vengeful spirit. Don't get me wrong Lorraine Warren seems like a really nice lady but i think she is too eager for everything to be a bad evil and rules out any other possibility way to fast.

2. Les Miserables. Yes, there has been a musical, a musical turned into a film, and another film. But, Wouldn't it be just amazing to see Victor Hugo's work on screen rather than a much edited and romanticized version of the story? I don't want to give away too much but really the difference between the movies/ musical and the book are vast. I prefer the books version. Marius was no romantic revolutionary he was a rich kid rebelling against his family and in the end went back and inherited all kinds of money. He was a jerk in the movie. Eponine was pitiful and sad in both versions that mention her but in the book you see just the depths of her pitifulness and she and Marius are not good friends he treats her like crap in the book until she becomes useful and despises the fact that he is stuck with her as she dies. I just would like to see that version of the story told

1. Clueless aka Emma: to me, this is possibly the best translation not only of a story to the screen but from an old book into a movie that kids of all ages can relate too. its strange how turn of phrase and clothing makes a difference in how people perceive something. For example, I like Emma the book and the movie with Gwyneth Paltrow. I know people who can't stand the movie with her. but they watch clueless and think its fantastic. if i point out that its actually the same story and relatively obvious about being the same story i'm told no its not,its not the same at all.

Ok so thats it for my list. What do you guys think? what books would you love to see turned into movies? what movies from books were done right? which ones totally bombed?


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