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We watched and reviewed the new film Gravity. Starring Sandra Bullock, the entire film takes place in space and focuses on the scientist played by Sandra Bullock, who is lost in space.

To be fair our expectations were really low for this film. The trailer didn’t hook us in. And we wondered how on earth could they make an entire movie out of Sandra Bullock floating in space. We were shocked with how wrong we were. This movie is amazing. We were also worried that the film would take place a lot on earth through flashbacks to learn about her past. We were wrong about that too. The entire film takes place in space.

The direction and score truly brought this film into our hearts. The little things put us into a sense of anxiety and we felt the exact same terror as Sandra Bullock. Also the little things; her breath, the dead silence at times, and the 3D came together wonderfully. This movie is by far the best 3D movie we’ve seen, being that we hate 3D movies. I actually forgot halfway through that I was even wearing them. The little splinters of space derby and the vast galaxy and countless stars, were brought to life incredibly through the 3D work.

All in all, we gave this film a perfect 10/10 because this is the film that our generation will be talking about when we are discussing the greatest films of all time. Just think it has all the elements of a classic. The movie was visually great, a great story, great acting performance, it was rather artsy, and on top of it all it isn't being that well appreciated by most people because most people aren't seeing it.

We highly recommend this film to anyone. Please please tell people how great it is, and give it a fair shot yourself

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