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Gina Carano's new film In The Blood will be released in early 2014, and will go straight to DVD and Blue Ray. "Carano stars as Ava, a woman off on a Caribbean honeymoon with her new husband. When he goes missing, it's up to Ava to solve the mystery and to get him back by any means necessary." (-Synopsis from Hmpf, the plot, while not too original, seems at least worth the watch.

As many of you know, I've been a long time advocate for Carano as Wonder Woman. And, as you all seem to agree (sadly, as do I), her acting isn't that great. Its not terrible, as I've seen worse, but there is room for improvement. Anyway, the role of Wonder Woman, is gonna be no small feat. Someone with depth is going to be needed to fill such big shoes. While a lot of people disagree with Carano being a contender for Wonder Woman, I think she still deserves a chance.

I see In the Blood as Carano's last opportunity to prove to the public she can handle her own as an on-screen leading lady. She's gonna have to prove herself, as Carano is completely carrying this film. There isn't a stellar cast of actors/actresses surrounding her (Well if you consider Danny Trejo as stellar), Gina is the star of this film, so all eyes will be on her.

Most folks have already written her off as a talentless hack, but I have been keeping an ounce of faith she can be the comeback kid. I gave her some slack because she isn't an actress, she's only been in two films. Some people just need acting lessons. Give her a chance to improve people! She has had some time, so hopefully she took the time to improve her acting ability, got an acting coach or something.

If she isn't successful in proving her abilities, I fear this will really be the end of the line for her. My ounce of faith will probably vanish as well :( Only time will tell. All in all, I'm excited for the film. I know if anything, it will hopefully be action packed.

Who knows, she may already have the Wonder Woman role in the bag. Look at what she mentioned during her interview with, "I'm starting to get into the comic book space a little, which I think is just so absolutely fun. Just to dress up. I can't really talk about it right now, but there's some really good prospects about what we might do there."

Is she already throwing us major nuggets about a potential comic book role? Well, If you're interested in reading her full interview about the film In The Blood, and everything else she's up to right now click here to read the entire exclusive interview.


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