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Nolan Dykstra

DC Comics is finally coming out with it's first feature length animated film from the New 52, Justice League: War.

The new film will feature the opening storyline from the current Justice League comics series, in which the heroes all meet each other for the first time and team up to defeat one of their greatest foes, Darkseid. The Director Jay Olivia, the creators and the voice actors explain in the video below DC's vision for the New 52 and their vision for this upcoming premiere of the New 52 Animated Universe.


In case you missed the names here's the voice cast:

Superman/Clark Kent - Alan Tudyk

Wonder Woman/Princess Diana - Michelle Monaghan

Batman/Bruce Wayne - Jason O'Mara

The Flash/Barry Allen - Christopher Gorham

Green Lantern/Hal Jordan - Justin Kirk

Shazam - Sean Astin

Cyborg/Victor Stone - Shemar Moore

Darkseid - Steve Blum

In the video they mention that they replaced Aquaman with Shazam to focus on his friendship to Cyborg, and although I understand why, I think they could have kept Aquaman, just because he never gets any screen time, and I'd really like to see him in action.

As of now there's not an official trailer for the film, but here's a few more sneak peak photos. Enjoy!

Anyways, Justice League: War, will be released early 2014 on BluRay and DVD. Lets get excited as DC travels to a new frontier in their Animated Universe!


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