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Jonathan J Moya

Nothing succeeds like success. Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity had the biggest October weekend opening ever grossing over $55 million.

Gravity fever is officially catching. Trying to bend that rainbow, the website The Short List commissioned five up and coming artist to do alternate posters. The results are oddly entrancing and prove that Mondo and Hero Complex are not the only one who can do cool movie sheets.

Chris Thornley is a British artist known for his Apple logo with a hidden silhouette of Steve Job that tributed Job's death. You can see more of his work at Thornley's Raid 71 site

Tom Muller is a Belgian working in London. You can see more of his designs and artwork at his site hellomuller

Peter Stults is a designer who lives and works out of New York city. Stults website on behance can be found here

Janée Meadows is a Los Angeles based freelance illustrator and graphic designer who is best known for her throw-back style and rock n' roll sensibilities. You can see her other works here

Rachael Sinclair is a Louisville, Ky based illustrator and designer. Her behance page can be found here

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