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Most of us know she was our Princess Diana in the Wonder Woman pilot that never got picked up. For those who haven't seen the pilot, I strongly suggest you check it out, regardless.

I won't lie, the pilot was satisfactory, at best. Was it horrible? Not so much, but it definitely needed more thought and a re-work on the overall plot. Despite the sub-par plot, I came to find the characters actually well done. Especially Adrianne Palicki as Diana/Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman is proud, strong, and valiant. But it's no surprise that she sometimes comes off condescending, haughty, stubborn and well, as some may say, a little b****y, at times. These traits, both good and bad, seem to work for her and Palicki was able to bring out those characteristics, despite such a hindering plot.

The pilot takes place where the world is already familiar with Wonder Woman, whom, is struggling to have a semblance of a normal life in Man's world. Palicki does a great job portraying that character. A woman who is seen as a goddess, who's never been known to make mistakes. A woman who stands her ground with valor in the face of any kind of evil force, supernatural or not. A woman who still tries to enjoy her life as much as she can, even though she must deal with misogynists and distrusting, thick-headed business people.

The costume, however, left much to be desired. Shiny pleather (Plastic/leather) like material doesn't cut it. Now, let's remember this was to be a series, so budget is always a concern. WHEN (not if) Wonder Woman appears in the movies, perhaps we'll get a more appropriate, more modern, more armor-esque suit. Also, with darker, more bolder colors to fit the Snyder-verse style. And hey, how about a sword and shield too?

Other than Palicki's role in the Wonder Woman pilot, her other well-known role is Lady Jaye in GI Joe: Retaliation, which displays further her right for the role of Wonder Woman.

Palicki portrays Lady Jaye, the female member of the "Joes." Sexy, fit, funny and intimidating... What more could you ask for? The role also entailed intensive physically training. You can learn more about how Palicki trained for the role here:


Adrianne Palicki stands a good 5'11," appropriate height for an Amazon, along with dark hair and blue eyes. She's fit and no stranger to physical training for a role.

A leggy dame who can act well and kick-ass. Is that not what we want? I'm willing to give her another chance at it, what about you guys?


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