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“WUJING” which I felt was a proper name for this particular episode. However there were a lot of lost opportunities that were presenting here. There seemed to be a lack of certain character behaviors. In a whole this entire episode felt like a set up for next week’s episode.

The episode begins in Shaghai with a shot of a suited man with a laptop entering a car and driving off. Soon after a group of Chinese gangsters (I’m guessing they may be a part of some triad group) shoot up the car and take his laptop. It then shows that laptop has an encrypted message that they cannot encode. So the leader of the group makes a call from his headquarters to get in contact with Raymond. Afterwards we jump over to Elizabeth who is looking through the hidden box from the floorboard. She decides to take the gun and fire a shot into a bucket of water and books to collect the bullet and shell. She then takes bullet to find out the source of where the bullet and shell come from. Raymond informs the Elizabeth and the FBI that the next member of the blacklist is named “Wujing”. He is responsible for the deaths of 3 undercover agents and has contacted Raymond to help him encode a message. Raymond wants Elizabeth to go with him and act as his personal encoder. Elizabeth tries to get out of it claiming that she has no training in this field. Back at Elizabeth’s house her husband and a personal friend leave the house. Soon after a group of men break into her house and plant bugs and cameras. It unclear who these people are but obviously this moment will be significant in the future. Afterwards the FBI and CIA give Elizabeth a crash course into how to encode an encrypted message. However Raymond reveals that in order to complete the objective they will have to reveal the location of next uncover operative putting them at risk. This means once the target is revealed the FBI and CIA will have the reach the target first. Raymond and Elizabeth meet up “Wujing” and help him encode the message. It is then revealed that the uncover operative is a civilian contractor who has built a number of governmental buildings. The race is now on between the FBI and “Wujing’s” men. As Raymond and Elizabeth attempt to leave the room it revealed that there was a connection breach that communicated with a government database. “Wujing” claims that Elizabeth is spy but then immediately turns on one off his own men and accuses him of allow the link. Raymond shoots and kills “Wujing’s” and states they are wasting time and they should leave. The FBI succeed in reaching the saving the uncover operative at a construction site. Elizabeth succeeds in getting “Wujing” arrested after planting a homing device on his vehicle. Afterward Elizabeth demands Raymond to tell her why he picked her. He says it’s because of her father and that he can say nothing more. As the episode comes to an end Elizabeth returns to her home where there is a party taking place. It is then reveal that a nearby neighbor is watching a monitor which shows the camera angles of Elizabeth’s house.

I have to say that in a whole this episode felt a little disappointing and small step backwards from last week’s episode. Nothing about the main plot really matters or helps the overall storyline move forward in anyway. There was also a lack of any twist at all which I found disappointing. James Spaders character Raymond seems to take a backseat this time around and doesn’t feel as dominating as he had been over the past two episodes. This is mostly an Elizabeth focused episode but we are not really given anything important to go off on. All I got from this episode is that there a third unknown party that now has eyes on Elizabeth in her home and we don’t know why. It seems like they are setting up events for future episodes and although this is a common pattern that has been present since the beginning. The relationship between Raymond and Elizabeth has always been the focal point of this show and it’s just not presented as strong this time around. Hopefully the writers have not made the same mistake with their next episodes.

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