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For many fans, like me included, the return of the hit series Arrow proves that this show is number one, in my opinion, in regards to the superhero genre on television. For those who don’t know, Arrow is based on the DC Comics superhero Green Arrow and follows the escapades of the costumed crime-fighter the “hood” or Arrow. The season picks up right after the events following the Undertaking, an elaborate plan to level off a section of Starling City, the Glades notorious for its high criminal activity, and kill thousands of people to rebuild anew over the area.

Arrow City of HeroesIn well-known Arrow fashion, the show balances both the present and the past and executes it perfectly. On one hand we get to see the efforts of the crime-fighter battling off criminals where as the past illustrates the moments of what significantly defines the vigilante in the present. In addition, manages to give reference to the DC Universe with each coming episode, fans are able to see prominent figures in the Green Arrow universe such as the presence of Roy Harper (Green Arrow’s sidekick), Laurel Lance (Black Canary), as well as iconic cities from the comic book continuity; Starling City (known in the comics as Star City) and Central City, home of the Flash. Which is a plus as it only adds to the character development, dynamic with other characters and also plot.

Whether you’re a fan of the show or not, or have seen one or few a episodes, one of the issues that comes to mind about this show is the constant comparison and similarities to Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy. Arrow follows a similar formula as well sharing similar moments to that of those films; being dark, gritty, grounded and plot heavy. Not necessarily a positive nor a negative aspect of the show but watching each coming new episode feels very reminiscent and nostalgic of those films. But it works. Arrow makes the superhero genre relative in the contemporary context; combining the elements of the comic books and adapting into a realistic setting makes the show heavily enjoyable.

City of HeroesIn short, the return of Arrow marks the continuation of an amazing show. Due to the rise of the superhero genre, in the film and now television mediums, Arrow proves to be a show that can compete and stand amongst the recently released films. With the start of a new season, new characters are bound to show up. Whether or not if you have been following the exciting casting news and rumours surrounding Arrow, you will know that this show is slowly unfolding into something great and memorable. There has been quite a numerous amount of upcoming additions to the show and for the sake of spontaneity I have chosen not to reveal them or give hints of the characters that may or may not appear. For fanboys, fangirls, or just supporters or new supporters who have just jumped on to the show, this show is by far a series that fans can expect something great with each new episode. Being heavily action packed, jumping to and from past and present timelines to form one overall solid narrative and a lot of eye candy this show is most definitely a show that keeps viewers entertained each week.

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