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Cyclops has always been my favorite of the X-men since I was a kid. So I was pretty disappointed when I read a few months back that Cyclops won't be making an appearance in 'X-men: Days of Future Past.' I always tend to take these types of things with a grain of salt, because you never really know what kind of sneaky surprises studios are up to these days. There has been a lot of speculation over the last year about this movie. Especially the size and scale of it. Bringing together the original cast with the new cast, then adding new faces. It will be interesting to see if Singer can pull this off.

I just figure if Director Bryan Singer says that he is "Righting the wrongs" done in 'X-3' then my first thought would be, bring back the team captain.

What do you think, should Cyclops return? Or should Bryan Singer leave him where we last saw him in X-3...?

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