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Ben Stiller is one of those actors that I occasionally laugh at here and there watching his movies but never really anticipate one of his releases (I more often dread: Night at the Museum 2) but I'm not one to hold grudges and I will give credit where its due and by judging Stiller's newest film (based on its trailer) looks.. well, great! I watched this trailer expecting over-used jokes, bad music and Vince Vaughan, but instead I got a really nice looking film with an actual PLOT. Yes, that is no joke.

I have to admit this film really caught my attention. I know it could go one way or another in terms of quality but I'm already sold. Kristen Wigg as the love interest makes me happy. I think she's very funny, the new Tina Fey. Adam Scott and Sean Penn were also cast, Adam Scott is one of those really sarcastic actors that every viewer loves.

This film will also give us an insight to see what Ben Stiller is like as a director. He has directed in the past however with the likes of the funny Tropic Thunder and Zoolander. This looks far from those fun comedies though. I think there may actually be some character development in this with some heart. Not to mention how beautiful the film looks. The directing and camerawork looks fantastic! Really nice sights the whole way through the trailer that I enjoyed.

If this goes well I think Ben Stiller can establish himself as a genuine acting and directing talent and avoid falling down the same road as Adam Sandler and co. What do you think this film will be like? If you haven't seen the trailer, check it out! I'm looking forward to this anyway!


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