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Let’s face it, the Green Lantern with Ryan Reynolds was mediocre at best and had more flaws than it turned out to be. The special effects were awesome but the story just couldn't hold out. It did what it could but Reynolds should have never been Hal Jordan, he’s a great actor but not really the Superhero type, sorry bro.

I feel however despite the story being a bit treacherous, they should have a film that continues the story of Sinestro turning yellow and becoming evil as it showed in a clip at the end of the movie SPOILER ALERT!!! This story has dark entities and it has potential to make a great film. Not saying it’ll be Godfather II potential but it’s got that feeling of being far better than the first one. Build that story and make it darker, more suspense with equal amount of Action.

Without question, there should be a new actor to play Hal Jordan; I just couldn’t picture Reynolds in that role at all. Hal is more of a fighter, is a bit darker emotionally and has more drama towards him than a comedic type. The one actor I can actually picture is Bones’ David Boreanaz. I realize he isn't the best choice but he has voiced the green superhero in one particular film The Justice League: A New Frontier and when you heard his voice of that character it just clicks somehow and yes he was on Angel and all that crap but bare with me. If you shaved his face, and put the costume on him, it clicks. His facial features match up with the comic book or the cartoons and he has a solid physique which he can tune up a little and he has it. Yes he’s a little older but also he has experience playing a man of military stature, just amplify it a bit and it can jump his career and not just be a TV star.

Green Lantern can work as a film franchise but you need more structure, more emotion and more of a highly anticipated setting. I firmly believe if these guys can make this movie darker, more emotional and a tad more suspenseful with a little bit of humor it can do wonders. Not everyone will agree about this but you know what, that’s why we love superheroes and there’s always a way to make a great movie. Just needs the right touch.

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