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If you can get beyond the battle of odd accents, Shia LaBeouf’s American accent that starts sounding over the pond as the trailer goes on and Evan Rachel Woods more Russian sounding Romanian inflection, than the first trailer for Charlie Countryman formerly known as The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman has its odd delights.

The title change made me think that perhaps not only was Charlie Countryman’s death not necessary but it never happened. At least, in the new version featured in the trailer. An earlier version screened at Sundance and was savaged by the critics. The necessitated re-cut apparently gives new life to Countryman after he slams into the black sedan of death in his big go running for the woman you love moment. Death can’t come while the music track plays upbeat piano and strings.

An inter-titles blurb proclaim it “excellent and at at times uproarious”, but nothing funny is seen. It can be considered a rom-com if you stretch the definition to include a romance about falling in love with a Romanian with a sardonic sense of humor. Otherwise, there is a lot of Shia in goofy love face, a lot of Mads Mikkelsen speaking in hush criminal menace and a blink and you’ll miss it appearance from a sweaty Rupert Grint with a bad middle comb-over looking less than Ron Weasely.

Charlie Countryman will be simultaneously released VOD and in theaters on November 15th.

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