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So, I was lucky enough to get in for the Vampire Academy panel at NYCC on Friday due to an amazing friend of mine, (Youtubers know her as ComicUno/haydenclaireheroes), and I managed to sit up front!

I'm sorry for bragging but I can't help it. I'm also sorry this photo is so freaking bad but ZOEY LIKED MY EARINGS! Also Dominic & Sami asked what I thought of the trailer! I'm in awe I didn't make a total fool of myself. At least I don't believe I did.

All of the major scenes from the book are in the movie, some changes that were confirmed is that Dimitri does not buy Rose lip gloss, the shopping scene happens after Rose's ankle situation and something along the lines of the rabbit death scene is changed/taken out.

Some amazing quotes from Mark & Dan Waters, Zoey, Lucy, Dominic and Sami.

Mark Waters: Your never done with a movie, you just stop working on them.

Dominic: "You walk into a room with two beautiful woman and you're like "I'm gonna get this role."

Dan Waters on Rose: "Finally this is a character I don't have to hold back on."

Mark Waters: Rolfe Kent is composing the score for the movie. Currently music is being picked out, the soundtrack is in the early stages so far there is one cover and one original.

Dan Waters: When Sami showed up she gave Mia game and made her modern.

Lucy: Rose is so selfless & giving, for Lisa her loving nature and huge heart, she can't stand to see people hurt.

Dominic: Christian is dark and he is all or nothing and he gives all his love to Lissa who owns his heart.

Sami: Underneath Mia's braty shield she's just trying to find herself.

Zoey: There are many redeeming qualities about Rose but she makes mistakes and that makes her multidimensional.

Dan Waters: When you have a male writer adapt a woman's writing of course some things are going to get lost.

Dan described Rose in Lisa's head as 'Lisa-Vision'' and something ''really cool'' happens with her eyes.

Trailer from the amazing DhampirLife that actually got to record it at the panel:

A way better summary of VA panel here:

NYCC Panel: … … … …

Sadly my two high quality photos won't upload because they are to big. Sorry!


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