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Hi Superhero fans. This is a list which I created with some interesting trivia about the Superhero movies of both Marvel and DC. Some of you might know some of them, but I guarantee that most of you will be surprised. And because the article is big and I don't want to waste my time on a prolog ...

1.The detonation of the hospital mistake

One of the most famous Superhero cinematic scenes was the detonation of the hospital in The Dark Knight. The Joker destroys the hospital by pressing the detonator. The scene was of course in the script, but the delay to the show-stopping pyrotechnics wasn't, prompting a nice bit of in-character from Ledger. The bomb was set to explode at once, but it didn't. However, Ledger continued acting and Nolan ordered the cameras to continue too.

2. Why the Joker was perfect

Heath Ledger closed himself off in a hotel room for a month to get into character for the Joker. He worked on his voice and personality, all while keeping a diary to chronicle the Joker’s thoughts. He also designed the character’s makeup with some mascara and grease paint.

3. Venom in Spider-Man 3

Venom wasn't in Raimi's mind and he didn't intend to put Venom in the movie, but due to the popularity of the character he was forced to do it.

4. Is that Carol Ferris?

In Man of Steel, there was one Air Force officer with the name Captain Carrie Farris. It looks like Carol Ferris to me.

5. Uncle Stan had a bad day

Which Marvel movies does Stan Lee hate? Well, he was disappointed by Daredevil, he wanted a smaller Hulk in the first two movies and also didn't like the way Doc Doom was portrayed.

6. Draw me something

Near the beginning of the film, when the character of Alexander Knox enters the press room, he is handed a cartoon sketch of a “batman.” The sketch was drawn and signed by Bob Kane, the original co-creator of Batman.

7. Jarvis the machine

Iron Man's butler, Jarvis was a human in the comics. In the movies, he was originally planned to be a human too. But because of Alfred Pennyworth, Batman's butler, he was changed into a robot, due to the danger of misconception and the will of something new and different.

8. Abomination...

Tim Roth accepted the role of Abomination because his children were huge Hulk fans.

9. ...and Abomination

In the canceled Hulk sequel, there was going to be the Abomination too, but in this version it would have been Glenn Talbot instead of Emil Blonsky.

10. The Cape

The cape of Superman in Man of Steel in the action scenes was replaced by a CGI one. In the other scenes, a real one was used.

11. Congratulations! You are the father!

In an early script of the first Ironman movie, Tony's dad was alive, evil and the main villain in the movie. His suit was going to be like War Machine's.

12. Congratulations! You are not the father!

In early comic book history, the origins of Wolverine was written to be kind of different. His mortal enemy Sabretooth was going to be his father. However, this story was canceled but inspired the family bonds between him and Wolverine in X-men origins: Wolverine.

13. The death of a reporter

In early scripts of the first Batman movie, Joker was set to kill Vicky Vale.

14. It's all part of a plan

Robin was never part of the plans for the Nolan Trilogy. If he was, Christian Bale was out. Bale said: "If Robin crops up in one of the new Batman films, I'll be chaining myself up somewhere and refusing to go to work".

15. Kelex

Do you remember the robot servant of the El family in Man of Steel? Kelex, the robotic butler, and future caretaker of Superman's Fortress of Solitude is one of the comic book characters that made an appearance in the movies. Well, many of you know that Kelex was in the comics too, but i mentioned him for younger and not so experienced readers.

16. You remember that old, fat guy from the Batman series? What was his name again...

Rupert Thorne, a crime lord in the Batman mythos, was behind the murder of Bruce's parents in the first Batman movie.

17. Galaga guy and his secrets

Do you remember the Galaga guy scene from 'Avengers'? The shot was in paying-off Tony Stark's set-up ("that man is playing 'Galaga!' Thought we wouldn't notice...but we did"), the reveal wasn't actually planned.

Stark's line was written into the script to stand on its own; bu when Whedon was viewing the supplemental footage of the day's shoot did this "shady-looking" extra give the idea of the minimized 'Galaga' session.

18. Third and Lucky

Hugh Jackman wasn't the first choice for the Wolverine. He wasn't even the second!

'X-Men' director Bryan Singer first offered the role to Russell Crowe, but he turned in down flat. He then went on to cast Dougray Scott in the role. Three weeks into filming, Scott was forced to jump ship due to scheduling conflicts and Singer cast Jackman at the literal last minute, taking a big chance on the mostly unknown Aussie actor.

19. Which character was both in Smallville series and Man of Steel?

Snyder wanted a Superman movie with no connections to the previous films. But he placed a character Easter Egg. Whitney Fordman is a high school classmate of Clark's who we will see during the first act of Man of Steel. Eric Johnson originated the character on the small screen and will now be played by Robert Gerdisch. The character was created for the show 'Smallville' only. Here is an Easter Egg which no one noticed.

20. Rachel Grayson

One early draft of Batman Begins did contain a reference to Robin – albeit not a direct one. The character of Rachel Dawes was revealed to be a distant relative of the Grayson family – the family name of Dick, boy wonder. Chris Nolan allegedly removed the nod in case fans expected him to debut Robin in future Batman movies, which he claims he has no interest in doing.

21. Another Mandarin

Mandarin before Iron Man 3 was set to be the villain in the first movie but he was replaced by Iron Monger.

22. Adam West is Batman?

Adam West wanted to reprise his role as Batman in the 1989 movie adaptation even though he was 60 years old.

How many of these did you know? I found many more but I chose to write about the most interesting. If you missed my last Top 10 article about Harry Potter then you can read it in my Moviepilot profile or in the sci-fantasy page. Thanks for reading.

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