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Marvel and DC are the two giants of the comic book industries, the most successful comic book publishers of all time. While there are many people who enjoy reading Action Comics, The Amazing Spider-Man, and the all the other series, a huge part of the audience prefers watching the films rather than reading the comics. As a result, everyone is familiar with the Nolanverse, Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy and Christopher Reeve's Superman, but only a few people have read The Killing Joke, Grant Morrison's groundbreaking run on New X-Men, and the absolute masterpiece that is All Star Superman.

Although the comic book fans obviously know more about the goody two shoes men in tights than the average movie lover since the comic book lore is unbelievably huge, every superhero film is a beast of its own, hiding many backstory facts and many little details that even the most observant fans don't notice. Today, I collected the most interesting movie trivia I could find and I created this list, a list with the Best Superhero Movie Trivia You Didn't Know!

1. The Detonation Of The Hospital Scene

Heath Ledger gave us a teriffying and ruthless bad guy with a twisted sense of humor. One of the unintentionally funny yet iconic scenes in The Dark Knight is the one in which the Joker detonates a hospital (Yaaay! Fun!). The Joker's bomb was set to explode at once, but it didn't. Despite this minor technical issue, Ledger continued acting and Nolan ordered the camera operators to continue filming, too.

2. Ever Wonder Why The Joker Was So Perfect?

Heath Ledger stayed alone in a hotel room for a month to get into character for the Joker. He worked on his voice and personality, he kept a diary to chronicle the Joker’s thoughts, and he also designed the character’s makeup with some mascara and grease paint.

3. Man of Steel's Background Characters

Althoug Man of Steel was a controversial film, it featured a lot of cameo appearances of many major DC characters. For example, General Zod's right-hand man, portrayed by Mackenzie Gray, is actually Jax-Ur, a major Kryptonian villain from the comics. Another example is Kelex, the robotic servant of the El family who actually serves as the caretaker of Superman's Fortress of Solitude in the comics. Last but not leasy, we also got to see a United States Air Force officer named Carol Farris who is obviously named after Carol Ferris, the Star Sapphire, one of the most dangerous Green Lantern villains and an occasional ally to Hal Jordan.

Apart from the comic book characters who appearaed in the film, Man of Steel also featured a character named Whitney Fordman who made his debut in Smallville.

4. Bob Kane's ''Batman''

Near the beginning of Tim Burton's Batman, when reporter Alexander Knox enters the press room, he is handed a cartoon sketch of a “batman.” The sketch was drawn and signed by Bob Kane, the original co-creator of Batman. Kane actually worked as a consultant on all the Tim Burton and Joel Schumacher Batman movies.

5. Tim Roth's Abomination

Despite the fact that The Incredible Hulk is considered by many as one of the worst Marvel films, Tim Roth gave us a great supervillain. Personally, I consider the Abomination to be one of the most impressive and menacing MCU antagonists up to date thanks to Roth's bone-chilling performance. According to the actor himself, he accepted the role of Abomination because his children were huge Hulk fans.

6. Iron Man's Villains: A Complicated Story

Iron Man 2 featured some extremely memorable characters like the villainous duo of Justin Hammer and Ivan Vanko, portrayed by Sam Rockwell and Mickey Rourke respectively. Jon Favreau originally intended to make Obadiah Stane a major antagonist in the sequels rather than the main villain in the first film. However, he changed his mind after a discussion with many comic book writers, including Mark Millar. Millar also advised Favreau to avoid using the Mandarin, since he thought that this particular Iron Man villain was too fantastical.

7. Rise Of The Machines

If you're an avid comic book reader, you might know that Iron Man's butler, Jarvis, is a human rather than a robot. In the movies, J.A.R.V.I.S. was introduced as a sharp-witted A.I. to avoid similarities to Alfred Pennyworth, Batman's trusted advisor. The MCU's version of Jarvis is based on another comic book character named H.O.M.E.R. who made his debut in 1993's Iron Man #298 .

8. Rocking Robin

The Dark Knight Rises' version of Robin didn't live up to the audience's expectations since many fans wanted to see Dick Grayson in his iconic superhero costume. Christian Bale wasn't too fond of the whole Robin scenario, stating that "if Robin crops up in one of the new Batman films, he'll be chaining himself up somewhere and refusing to go to work".

Interestingly enough, one early draft of Batman Begins did contain a reference to Robin. Christopher Nolan planned on making Rachel Dawes a distant relative of the Grayson family. However, the acclaimed director decided to scrap this idea since he didn't want to fool fans into thinking he was going to introduce Robin in the later films, which he had no interest in doing.

9. Groovy

It's no secret that Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell are joined at the hip. After all, Campbell's Ash Williams is probably Sam Raimi's coolest movie character of all time.

Despite the fact that Campbell didn't play a crucial role in the Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy, he made cameo appearance in all three Spider-Man movies. In the first film, he portrays the ring announcer at Peter Parker's first wrestling match as Spider-Man; in the second movie, he portrays the annoying usher who didn't let Peter enter the theater to see MJ's play. In the third movie, he's the French maître at the restraunt where Peter wanted to propose to Mary Jane.

10. Tenth Time's The Charm

Hugh Jackman wasn't the first choice for the Wolverine. In fact, he wasn't even the second! Before the relatively unknown actor got the role, many other talented and more experienced actors were considered for the role. Russell Crowe, Dougray Scott, Jean-Claude Van Damme, and even Bob Hoskins were eyed to portray the iconic short-tempered X-Men member. However, Bryan Singer chose to go with Jackman, and his decision paid off since Jackman gave us one of the greatest superhero performances of all time!


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