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It’s never been done to a high degree of filming and it needs to happen. Zeus is the most famous god in Greek & Roman Mythology (Jupiter in Roman) and we've never seen him have his own spotlight on the big screen. In almost every movie he’s in the background, whether it’s a Hercules movie, Clash Of The Titans or whatever he happens to appear in, and it’s tragic. What would the visual be like of him overthrowing Cronus or taking over Mount Olympus from the other gods and conquering the Titans? These are things I would love to see.

Mythology’s All-Mighty is a symbol of leadership, conquering the evil father that swallowed his siblings and one of the symbols of superhuman strength. In the stories he’s depicted as a man of extraordinary gifts and learns how to use that power to the point of the tragic build up of abusing and womanizing. He helped build one of the most decorated and beautiful palaces in Mythology and had a circle of gods that controlled the earth such as his bothers Poseidon god of the sea and Hades god of the underworld. You can build a conflict on why his brothers never cease to dethrone him or have one of his brothers come and destroy the palace of palaces. There’s so much potential there.

One story they can use is his power to take Cronus and save his siblings from his belly and locking him in a vault or prison from which he can never escape. For now we have the Percy Jackson films but that’s only another version of stories. Turn to more of the Greek stories and show a side of Zeus that we always wanted to see, his glory as the King Of Kings. The story of dethroning Cronus is a fascinating one and where war was raged over Greece and brining it to life. Zeus and the other gods should be played by real actors, no cartoon stuff. The actor to play Zeus has been ranged out from Liam Neeson, Voiced by Rip Torn and whoever played him in The Adventures Of Hercules with Kevin Sorbo. This Zeus should be played by a legendary actor somewhere between 50’s and 60’s but also as a young man of no more than 30 to bring in that late youth before he got all gray and white haired.

He is the fine definition of a womanizer and yet married his sister (according to one story). Known to fall in love with many beautiful women they can put in a back-story of how he became that way and the jealous rage his wife had. It is one of the important stories because of his adultery, his offspring were sinned especially Hercules. There are great stories that can be used for Zeus’ own film, there’s tragedy, triumph, the power of his strength and the ruling of his kingdom. I’d love to see at least a couple stories or make it a small franchise of films like they have with the Avengers. Who better to have a film than the god that really started it all, the object of perfection but the tragic life of one of history’s greatest characters?

Make it a Greek story with a modern setting but not futuristic like a SCI-FI flick, that be way too cheesy, don’t romanticize it either, go for the gold and strike into the heart like his Thunderbolt. We are at a time where Mythology has many meanings and stories like Comic Book films, Percy Jackson, Hercules have ruled over film-making in that category, hell if you’re going to make a film with a raccoon shooting a gun, you most certainly can make a huge hit with Zeus. It’s important we bring back stories that have been told for centuries and people have a new perspective on history and culture. Hollywood, make the damn movie.


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