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My Fantastic 4

So here it is my FANtastic Four and villains id love to see on film

Reed Richards/Benedict Cumberpatch

Reed Richards is billed as 6’1” in the marvel universe but can stretch outwards to far longer. He is brilliant and a master tactician. For all those who say why is Cumberpatch in all these fan cast roles? heres why.

Cumberpatch proved himself last in his last few roles especially as Khan in Star Trek 2 that he can be my Reed Richards.

also after Star Trek 2 he is on fire and 5th estate looks pretty good.

Ben Grimm/ Domenico Lombardozzi

Ben Grimm is the hard ass from Brooklyn who is a bruiser and is a loyal person. Domenico Lombardozzi is just that even if he is from the Bronx

Sue Storm/ January Jones

She was a horrible and terrible choice for white queen and is the perfect choice to play the invisible woman. she has this grace that sue storm needs and my love Jessica Alba Failed to provide....not to mention her SUPER obvious Fake Blue eyes

Johnny Storm/Ryan Kwanten

On true blood he plays the hot headed Jason Stackhouse so we know he can be hot tempered and cocky. As the human torch he is perfect to throw Domenico Lombardozzi off in the rock vs fire antics.

Victor Von Doom aka Doctor Doom/Mads Mikkelsen

The Latverian Power house and main villain of the fantastic four is dangerous and power mad. and his proformance in 007 Casino Royal was bad ass.

Harvey Rupert Elder aka MoleMan/ Bob Hoskins

This brilliant dwarf with an unsightly face leads the mole people from beneath the surface. Hoskins is a Hollywood institution that will bring on screen legitimacy to Moleman

Namor the Submariner/ Jonathan R. Meyers

Namor possesses the super-strength and aquatic abilities. He has been alternately portrayed as a good-natured but short-fused superhero, or a hostile invader seeking vengeance for perceived wrongs that misguided surface-dwellers committed against his kingdom. he is currently being mis-casted as Dracula for a TV Series. Lets See if it Crashes and Burns.

Galactus & Silver Surfer/Alexander Skarsgård

The eater of worlds and his cosmic herald the 1st attempt on film was not a home run but not a failure only the story and the concept were bad. Skarsgård can bring intensity to the Surfer that Eric Northman Brings to HBO

Skrull’s /Justin Kirk, Michael Sheen & Justin Long

The invading shape shifters could rely on a 3 man casting and just repetition. (it worked in the Matrix)

Kirk has a Sarcastic and dark approach

Sheen Has immense talents in Sci-fi driven Roles

Long is a good actor that can pull his weight with these two as Skrulls.

here is my cast, love it or not leave the comments. peace out!


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