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If you're reading this right now you may or may not be happy that this movie is happening but there's nothing anybody can do cause its coming. I am actually excited, I think it will be good, and here's 5 reasons why I think so..

1. It's Batman VS Superman

I really do like the cast for this film. Henry Cavill is a great Superman and I do like Lois Lane. Ben Affleck is a nice addition. I'll judge him when I see him but he does have good direction capabilities and could probably put in a good input.

2. Great cast

I loved the cast of Man of Steel. I really think they hit the spot with all the actors, Henry Cavill especially, I thought he was perfect! Also with the addition on Ben Affleck we might get a fresh take on Batman and he will have a good directorial input.

3. Hans Zimmer

Need I say more. The man is a legend, anything he composes turns to gold. He is a living legend and created a nice score for man of steel so I hope he repeats the quality again.

4. Writing team

David S. Goyer is back again. A man with a very impressive CV writing the Dark Knight Trilogy and will most likely be accompanied by Christopher Nolan also who doesn't even need to be credited.

5. Zach Snyder

Very good director in my opinion, I really think he's a talent. From 300 to Watchmen and making a decent movie out of Man of Steel. I'm glad he's back!

Are you excited for this movie? Do you think its for the fans or the $$$


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