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Directed By: Bill Condon

Starring: Benedict Cumberbatch, Daniel Brühl, Stanley Tucci

The fifth estate is a dramatization based on Wikileaks and it's creator Julian Assange. What begins as a simple platform to expose the incriminating files of massive organisations on a website which promises to keep all sources "Whistle blowers" secretive, quickly becomes one of America's biggest headaches. When they get their hands on the most dangerous source of intel the world has ever seen...

I'm just gonna dive right in now.

The film is good, it isn't great. The reason for this is because it stays at the same pace without the feeling of any build up for the ending, it has a lot of unnecessary scenes and characters which were not needed. As much as i love Stanley Tucci, his character was just irrelevant.

This is not to say that the actors didn't do a great job, because they did. Benedict Cumberbatch delivered as always, however i felt conflicted whilst watching him, i couldn't tell if we are supposed to love the creepy dude he portrays or if we are meant to hate him.

I keep reading that the film was a dramatisation, a fictional piece adapted from the books of Julians old colleague, particularly Daniel Domscheit-Berg.

I understand that Julian did not want to be involved, (apparently he even pleaded with Cumberbatch to decline the role) but i can't help but feel that if he did give his side of the story, the movie would have been better. I may come across as being really negative about the film, but i did enjoy aspects of it. I liked that they demonstrated the footage that was leaked because before the film i had never seen the footage. Well if that is the case, why on earth did the film makers not take advantage of this? Julian for obvious reasons doesn't approve of the film and to be honest, i don't blame him. The movie completely portrays him as some white haired freak with a weirdo persona who likes to smile at people at random times. It almost seems one sided.


I don't know about you, but i thought it resembled the Social network, (except a lot more underdeveloped) the whole basis of "weh weh weh, i created the site and you're taking the credit, weh weh weh". Just give over, come up with something a little bit more original. It just felt so rushed. The film has so much potential but just fails to impress. All i would advise is that you keep your expectations low.

Somehow i doubt this will be the last Wikileaks film we see.

Regardless of the huge portions of dialogue and random imaginative scenes (which were very impressive, great camera work). The movie was very interesting, for being fictional it provided a little bit of an insight into the organisation. As a young journalist watching, it raised a question..

How far is too far when it comes to providing information?

"You can't expose the world's secrets without exposing yourself." - I think the tagline says it all.



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