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Hopefully by now it's obvious the template that Marvel is using to set up it's Cinematic Universe i.e Several Stand-Alone films that lead to an avengers mash up. This has worked very well for Marvel, but some people have been claiming that DC should copy this method when establishing their CU and I completely disagree, in fact, they should do the opposite.

Marvel makes a habit of creating relatively small emergencies that their individual characters can handle on their own, then when something bigger happens... Avengers Assemble. Great! With DC, cant do that.

DC, needs to go right into the Justice League Movie, (After one or two heros get their own film) and then splinter off into the stand alones. For some of DC's characters that would be in the running for the JL lineup, it wouldnt make sense to give them a stand alone movie first. Lets go Down the list of who needs a stand alone first, and who needs to wait until after the JL movie

Up First there is....

1. Wonder Woman

Now don't get me wrong, I think they can and should do a wonder woman movie, Just after the JL.

An amazon who lives on an island of women whom are all forbidden to leave... Ever.

With this dynamic to her story there would have to be something that threatens the entire planet Paradise Island by extension (Or Slaughter Island if they use Wonder Woman's black twin Sister) in order to bring her out into the world of men. Something like the invasion of earth by Darkseid, or Braniac. I just dont think that the need to escort a stranded pilot back to safety is a good enough reason.

Bring her out in Justice League, and then after in her own movie you can see how she copes with being in this new environment.

Next up is :

2. Aquaman

Now I highly doubt his stand alone Movie.. but it just has to be said. His reasons are pretty much the same as WW so I wont spend any more time on this one.

3/4. Cyborg & Martian Manhunter

Now usually its the martian manhunter that is in the main line up of the Justice League, but recently, he has been moved to the JLA and been replaced by former teen titan Cyborg.

Victor and J'onn are both very compelling characters, but whichever one ends up getting used, I don't think they need to be highlighted until after the events of Justice League. This scenario works for both of them,

The events that make them who they are have already happened, Victory had his accident, the Martian has awakened on earth and already accidentally killed that scientist. Both of them were known to be in hiding or disguise before they became heroes, which is where we can find them when Justice League opens up. After they do their part in that movie, they can realize they do have a place in this world and start the hero careers in the stand alone movies.

The only hiccup with Cyborg is that by doing what I suggested, you kind of have to disregard that whole stint in the teen titans.. then again, I dont see any plausible room for sidekicks or a team of teen heroes in this DCU anyway.


5. The Flash

Now I know his movie is highly anticipated, and I'd actually be okay with him getting a stand alone movie, but to me there are just other heroes that need a GOOD movie before the Flash.

We have our Man of Steel and we are pairing him the our new Dark Knight pretty soon. Whether Ben Affleck will get a solo bat movie before JL, I don't know, does he need one??? I think that depends on how they present him and how much they go into his character in this MoS sequel, we shall see. Now I know this movie is highly anticipated, and I'd actually be okay with him getting a stand alone movie, but to me there are just other heroes that need a GOOD movie before the flash.

The other Hero that needs a movie before JL is the Green Lantern. Personally I think they should go the John Stewart route with that as long as they DO NOT use Idris Elba, but thats another article


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