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Lars Johnson

UPDATE: Joseph Gordon-Levitt has since denied rumors, letting the fan-base go back to throwing names out on the Internet.

While Ant-Man will not be featured in Age of Ultron despite many fan complaints, he still will be getting his solo film two months after the superhero sequel, and if it is a success, Marvel should steer into the more obscure Marvel characters.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Paul Rudd are rumored to be the frontrunners for the role of Ant-Man. Levitt has already appeared in a DC film (The Dark Knight Rises) and starring in a DC and Marvel film sometimes backfires (example: Ryan Reynolds.)

Paul Rudd, 44, has never gone into action territory, but still has comedies under his belt which should help fill Ant-Man's persona.

If Marvel is looking for longevity, they should go with Levitt. Paul Rudd could only play the character for a maximum of five years, which would be 2 or 3 feature films.

Who do you think should take on the character?

Ant-Man opens July 31, 2015. The film will be directed by Edgar Wright.


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