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Jonathan J Moya

The latest Gallery 1988 exhibition takes a riff from an Ice Cube's song and "Say Hi to the Bad Guy." From October 18-November 9 their Gallery West space in Los Angeles will be devoted to 80 plus artists and close to 1000 paintings devoted to the love of evil incarnated in both movies and television.

Say Hi to the Bad Guy is part of Gallery 1988's annual Crazy 4 Cult showcase which has been going on for the better part of a decade now.

Visit for hours and contact info.

Nan Lawson: Blade Runner

Kyle Crawford: Robocop

Marz Jr: Karate Kid

Katerina Perdue: Goonies

Jesse Riggle: Dead Alive

Joey Spiotto: Alien

Andrew DeGraff: Princess Bride

Graham Curran: Jaws

Joshua Budich: Ghostbusters

Joshua Budich: Spirited Away

Joshua Budich: Elm Street

Daniel Murray Rizzolo: Beetlejuice

100 Soft: Villains

Anthony Petrie: Rocky IV

Sam Gilbey: Karate Kid

Andrew Heath: Ghostbusters

Bill Main: Labyrinth

Matt Taylor: Romei and Juliet

Graham Yarrington: Office Space

Alex Pearson: Edward Scissorhands

Meg Hyland: Gary Oldman

Barry Eichenberger: Pee Wee's Big Adventure



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