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Nathaniel Perrier Sharer

Where will Zack Snyder take his Superman next? He gave us Zod to open with. We know he's giving us Batman Vs. Superman. We know it will most likely have Lex Luthor in it. The question is, will that be all? We certainly hope not. Just Lex Luthor, for the greatest team-up in comics? No, something more is needed. Some other special villain to challenge our heroes. What other heroes could be thrown in? What seems most likely is a Batman villain and Superman villain. And while I can't speak to the Batman side of the movie, I've created a list for the possible villains I'd like to see in the sequel, and beyond.


A Kryptonite-powered cyborg, Metallo is pretty awesome. Strong, fast, capable of absorbing his environment into his exoskeleton, and almost indestructible, Metallo can threaten Superman even without the Kryptonite flowing through his armor. While maybe not deadly or important enough to hold a movie on his own, Metallo would work amazingly well as a side-villain, a project created by Lexcorp in order to help combat Superman.


Superman's mirror image, Bizarro is just as tough as Superman, but with reversed abilities. He has flame breath, ice vision, and is strengthened by green Kryptonite. While in many comics I've read Bizzaro has come across as rather silly and campy, he could be used more as Smallville used him, as a darker duplicate of Clark, released by Lexcorp to pretend to be Superman, working to destroy the good image Clark will have no doubt worked to build up after the events in Man of Steel.


An interesting villain, parasite feeds on energy, absorbing it from other living beings and stealing it for himself. He particularly covets Superman's energy. When he absorbs energy from someone he gains any powers they have, although using those powers burns through that energy more quickly. Parasite could work the same way as Metallo, a creation of Lexcorp, or an experiment gone wrong, morphing a scientist into an energy Parasite, who escapes into Metropolis.


Almost a god. Simple as that. Darkseid is Superman's ultimate enemy. Darkseid is to Superman as Ra's Al Ghul is to Batman. Not his most common enemy, not his main villain, but his ultimate test. Wielder of the Omega Force, Darkseid can use his Omega beams to disintegrate objects at a glance, as well as kill and resurrect those whom he chooses. Genius intellect, along with strength and indestructibility rivaled only by the likes of Superman and Doomsday. A master manipulator, Darkseid rarely engages in open combat. While a brilliant test of Superman's prowess, I feel Darkseid could better serve as a Justice League villain, leading to my final choice for Man of Steel 3...


An alien super-computer, Brainiac seeks to organize the universe. He travels through space, collecting data on planets and species, before taking a sample of a city, and destroying the planets afterwards. He took one such sample from Krypton, the city of Kandor. Beyond genius intellect, strength and speed comparable to superman, technology control, and the collective knowledge of a thousand planets...Brainiac has everything. He would make an amazing choice for a final villain, assuming Snyder continues with the classic trilogy for his movies. If you've watched the movie Superman: Unbound, you know just how awesome a villain Brainiac can be. He challenges Superman not only physically, but intellectually and emotionally as well, and he has strong ties back to Superman's origins, with the captured city of Kandor. Overall, he's an awesome villain who could work really well on the big screen.


Doomsday is one villain I hope they do NOT put into these movies. In my opinion, as a villain Doomsday isn't interesting. He's a big strong monster. That's it. He has no goal, no plan. He's merely a rage-filled destruction machine, and in the end, it's just 40 minutes of watching a fist-fight. Granted, it's a 40-minute fist-fight to the death, but it's still just a fist-fight. And as for the have three options really. Either you don't have superman die. Fair enough, but then we just watched this 40 minute fist-fight for a climax we've seen many times before. You could kill off your main character at the end of the fight forever, which Snyder most likely wouldn't do as they need him for the Justice League movies. Or, you go the way of the comics and make him not really dead. That would suck for a whole bunch of reasons. If you want to know my feelings on THAT, look up Max Landis's "Death and Return of Superman". He says it a lot better than I ever could.

So there are my thoughts on what villains Zack Snyder should bring to life. Do you agree? Think I don't know what I'm talking about? Do you secretly hope the final villain is Toyman? Sound off in the comments!


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