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With the emergence of Ben Affleck portraying Batman we're quick to judge an actor like that. Personally I don’t see him as Batman but then again, neither did a lot of people when Michael Keaton came on the scene in the late 80’s/early 90’s, because his biggest hit before that was Beetlejuice and was more known as a comedic type actor more than an action guy. He ended up pulling it off and being one of the best Batmans of the last 2 decades. Like everyone else at first I was quick to judge Affleck because he’s a great actor but not a big action kind of star.

The shooting starts this weekend at East LA College from what I’ve read and the story is either going to be about how they teamed up or the fight that will take place. It’s called Superman Vs. Batman right? Now with the story at hand, Snyder & Nolan will most likely come up with a story that’s different kind of like Man Of Steel having a different twist on the origin than we’re used to.

Most likely at the moment we will be underestimating Batfleck’s ability to play the Dark Knight and like some of you guys I am skeptical until I see it. That’s a big role to fill and if it doesn’t work, there’s a whole new process which will take years to get over (look what happened to Batman & Robin, 8 year difference between that and Batman Begins). If Affleck can pull it off it’ll be a major breakthrough because he’ll be the second batman in a row to have not only a hit movie but will be the next batman, the last person to do that was Keaton.

I believe this movie will do great, yes I’m still eerie about Affleck but I firmly see that this film will be a major hit. Its ground breaking and it’s finally happening for the first time. I’ve been a fan of both Superheroes since I was little and only saw them together in cartoons, so this will be a dream come true for us superhero geeks. It’s going to be THE movie of the year when it comes out, I’m sure of it, even if it doesn’t do well, its Superman & Batman in the same movie, no one that year will top that. Get ready guys because this will be a movie we will never forget. To Affleck, kick ass man and make us proud. For Henry Cavil, he is the new Superman and no pulled it off better other than Reeve.


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