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Re-telling, Re-imagining, or Re-booting, call it what you will. With this years remakes of The Evil Dead and Carrie it got me to wondering what movies I thought they could do better now than they did then.

These are movies that scared me a long time ago when I was a child so you may not have heard of a couple of them, but some are now dated and may still have a good concept that could be executed so much better with the state of the art being what it is today.

So here goes

No. 5. "Re-Animator"


I know I feel almost blasphemous about wanting to remake this classic. To be honest part of the reason I chose it is just because it fit the title of my article. I mean Jeffery Combs IS Dr. Herbert West in H.P. Lovecraft's "The Re-Animator". I would like to see more movies based on Lovecraft and I was disappointed that Del Toro was putting off "Mountains Of Madness". but couldn't you Re-Imagine it?

No. 4 "Demon Seed"


Based on the novel by Dean Koontz and Starring Julie Christi, Fritz Weaver and Robert Vaughn as the voice of Proteus IV. This movie is kind of like 2001: A Space Odyssey meets Rosemary's Baby. Probably the reason this movie sticks in my head is because as a ten year old boy I really enjoyed seeing Julie Christi naked in it. (yes I was a little perv) Made long before there were actual smart houses and people could "sext" a selfie to their friends the villain Proteus was a computer that was as big as a house. With all the advances made in computer technology as well as cloning and in vitro fertilization I think you could Re-boot some some ingenious technological terror.

No. 3 "Gargoyles"


A made for TV movie from 1972 starring Cornel Wilde and Jennifer Salt as a father daughter travelling through the American Southwest when they find a pack of real winged beasts with Bernie Casey as the lead Gargoyle. For it's time and with the low budget it actually wasn't too bad. I've seen a couple of bad CG I Gargoyles in more recent movies but this could be a fun Re-Telling if done right.

No. 2 "The Devil's Rain"


Directed by Robert Feust the man who gave us The Abominable Dr. Phibes movies with the church of Satan's own Anton Levay as technical adviser and just look at ths cast-Ernest Borgnine as Jonathan Corbis (and the Devil),Eddie Albert as Dr. Sam Richards, William Shatner as Mark Preston, Ida Lupino as Emma Preston, Tom Skerritt as Tom Preston, Joan Prather as Julie Preston, Keenan Wynn as Sheriff Owens, John Travolta as Danny, George Sawaya as Steve Preston, and Anton LaVey as High Priest of the Church of Satan.

Although it was originally panned by critics it has gained a cult following and is John Travolta's feature film debut! Maybe he could play the Ernest Borgnine part now.

No. 1

"The Night Stalker "


Not the serial killer but the original TV movie that started it all and inspired many other shows like the X-files and so on. I would want to see a gritty R rated version of this today. Without a sparkly romantic Vampire but a ruthless killer like the one Kolchak chases in this movie. The TV movie actually holds up pretty good in my opinion but I would love to see this remade as long as it were done right. Biggest problem being Darren McGavin was definitely a one of a kind actor that totally owned the character of Karl Kolchak.

So there you have it my list. I know these movies are all over 25 years old but they still have some power left in them. So let me know below what you think and what movies you'd like to see Hollywood take another stab at. Until then HAPPY HALLOWEEN!


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