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I am actually looking forward to Ben Affleck's Batman, I have my worries but I'm willing to give him a chance but if I was going to reboot the Batman I would have gone with something else for the character.

The story takes place four years into Wayne's career as Batman, he has taken a few super criminals into Arkham Asylum, established a secret alliance with Commissioner James Gordon, and has donated a lot of money to the city's poor and homeless. Recently there have been a series of murders throughout the city that are all the same: bodies found with the skin of their heads surgically removed perfectly. Batman starts to dig into the story when he remembers his childhood friend: Tommy Elliot, who was an aspiring surgeon trying to follow in his father's footsteps. When they were kids Tommy attempted to murder his parents to inherit their money but Bruce stopped him thus severely disfiguring his face with glass causing Tommy to be shipped to Arkham and to have a seething hatred for Bruce and Alfred. Tommy studied at Arkham for the last ten years and became a master surgeon but the decade in Arkham made his rage even more extreme. Bruce goes to Arkham to see his old friend but the head psychiatrist of Arkham: Dr. Penelope Young explains to Bruce that last week Tommy killed two guards and escaped. This worries Bruce because he knew how dangerous Tommy might be but he didn't have enough evidence to say that the murderer now labeled: The Face Carver was Tommy.

Bruce suits up as Batman then goes to each crime scene using his microscopic camera goggles to find a piece of torn fabric at each of them. At the Batcave, Batman analyzed the fabrics and it was revealed that they were all the same fabric that is used to make prison suits. This made Batman put Tommy Elliot as a possible suspect. Throughout the film during the day, Penny Young and Bruce have gone on dates, Penny is intrigued by Bruce because of his facade that she can detect. She can deduce that he's Batman but she knows he's hiding something. At night Bruce is waiting to find the murderer until one night at around 1:00 AM which was the time when the murderer usually strikes, he hears a scream then ran to an alley way to find a man wrapped in bandages holding the freshly severed off skin before turned to Batman with a scowl. Bruce recognized those cold eyes and knew it was Tommy. Bruce tried to charge at Tommy but Tommy quickly fired an entire magazine from a pistol at Batman and two hit him making Batman fall back allowing Tommy to run off.

Next week, Bruce was on a date with Penny at night when Tommy attacked them both but Penny appeals to Tommy's insanity making him distracted allowing Bruce to attack him before Tommy knocked out Bruce allowing Tommy to kidnap Penny. Using deduction he observed all the places that Tommy attacked then figured out where Tommy's hideout is. Batman gets into his now finished Batmobile which is a modified Dodge Interceptor (one of the rarest cars on the planet) then drove right into an alley way to find Tommy. Batman finds Young unconscious above a smelter and Tommy surprises him yelling out in repitition while dueling: "Where is Bruce Wayne?!?"

Tommy, during the fight, rips off Batman's cowl revealing the true identity making Tommy laugh in pleasure, "You?" He punches Batman to the ground, "You are just a crying boy crying for Mommy and Daddy. You...are pathetic. You failed your parents and your city." Bruce letting out his rage stand then scowls at Tommy before slamming his fists across Tommy's face, "No! I will not fail!" He punches, " vengeance!" He kicks, "I am the Night!" He uppercuts making Tommy fall to the ground; Bruce then grabs Tommy by the shirt, pulling him up to him before putting the cowl back on his head, "I AM BATMAN!!!" He sends one final punch knocking out the maniac finally ridding his past of another dark patch. Batman saves Young then takes her tot he Hospital then visits her as Bruce Wayne acting as if he's worried about her. Young kindly breaks up with Bruce which made Bruce smile inside because he didn't want anyone else to get hurt by his life. The movie ends with Batman kneeling on a gargoyle gazing at the skyline of the city before seeing a spotlight shining a bat shaped symbol into the sky from the Gotham Police Department building.
The way how I pictured the film was Batman the Animated Series combined with Year One all taking place in modern day.

Title: The Batman

Director: Guy Ritchie

Writer: J.J. Abrams

Both of these guys are great and to see them both working on Batman would make me happy.


Batman/Bruce Wayne - Sam Witwer

I've always loved Sam as an actor and in this version I pictured Batman being a young man but he's also somewhat experienced as both a fighter and a detective.

Alfred Pennyworth - John Hurt

He is one of my Top 5 favorite actors of all time and I would love to have John be involved in the DC universe other than V For Vendetta which is a great film.

Tommy Elliot/Hush
- Zachary Quinto

Quinto is a great actor and I think he'd make a great villain, I've never seen American Horror Story but I've heard he did good so I think he'd make a great Hush.

Penny Young - Olivia Wilde

There is not one movie where I did not like her performance and in my opinion she is perfect for the role.

Tell me your thoughts down below.

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