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Syed Hamza Hatim

Spider-Man: Lost Cause is the upcoming short film from Digitilheart due for release 2013.

Written and Directed by Joey Lever, Lost Cause is a true passion project and entirely independent. Shot in the hands of Andrew Miles, this new vision of Spider-Man intends to challenge upcoming Marc Webb and Andrew Garfield reboot "Amazing Spider-Man 2" by throwing the character into a truly visceral, brutal and realistic world exposing the darker, more honest and affecting traits of legendary marvel comic book character to the screen. We are taking Spider-Man on a different route. You could actually say we are completely imagining him. For starters we are creating a new costume, creating new villains and putting him into new and different environments. We are having him represented in a different country and a different way in which you would never ever have seen before. Now wait you guys will say "like, it's a fan film- well ok we'll see it" but wait! Just to attract you all below is a green screen picture:

About the Director - Joey Lever started film directing in 2010 after nearly 7 years of making various home movies ranging from all genres. His first feature; "Bloody Hell" which received over 100,000 views as of December 2012. also "Bloody Hell 2" which remained unreleased but from the experience, Joey developed his skill and craft in all areas of film making. After that he and his crew (Digitilheart productions) made many shorts i.e Agents of Secret Stuff and Pokemon in real life. Below are some screen shots and the trailers of the film. For getting more screen shots click on this link ->

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Spider-Man: Lost Cause Website:

So it was my first post however I hope that you guys enjoyed this article and well that's all from me and I would also like to remind you all that none of this could have been possible without Stan Lee. So that's all from me for now...EXCELSIOR!




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