ByAbhi Mozumdar, writer at

It often happens that as we enjoy the adventures of the big names related to the movies we miss out on the smaller characters (less powerful/mentioned) characters being portrayed upon the Silver screen. Thor was once such marvel that Marvel Studios was able to pull off..

So today I happened to watch Marvel's Thor again after a long time. But today the experience was new. Having more insight on the once unknown characters.. I could enjoy it as a whole new movie!

Thus, I found new characters .. Agent Barton later on to be known as a Hawkeye and one rather unexpected appearance by Luke Cage! Or someone of the exact same stature, race, sex, power set!

Seeing the .gif above many of us would be led to believe that indeed it had been Luke Cage. Which is not very unlikely as Luke was an Agent of Shield.

Thor's comment upon the fellow also bring's it up. "You are a pretty BIG fella!" exclaims Thor as he is knocked down upon the floor, "I've fought bigger.."

So what do you guys think? Was it really the Big Man? And if it was .. why didn't he appear in the Avengers? A strong dude like this who had the guts to take on a God could've surely lent a hand! Go wild in the comments..


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