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"Smokey, this is not 'Nam. This is bowling. There are rules."
Dave Conley

All this hub bub on here lately seems to be about about Micheal B. Jordan playing the Human Torch. Now being a crusty old white guy who doesn't cotton to change very easily and whose mindset is probably closer to Archie Bunker's than Mother Theresa's all I have to say is "Wake up and smell the new millennium, It's not important". The important thing about the Fantastic Four is the Family dynamic of this superhero team. Something the last two movies fell flat on in my opinion. And in case you haven't noticed lately families these days come in all shapes, sizes,and colors. Just look at the Pitt/Jolie family.

Josh Trank and Micheal B. Jordan worked well together on Chronicle which was a better movie than either of the previous FF incarnations to me. The important thing to me is that they have a script and good actors that can bring out the original family dynamic.

The only Thing that scares me about this production so far is that I hear Ben Grimm is going to be completely computer generated and only voiced by an actor. This to me is what makes me say-

"What in the name of Aunt Petunia is going on here?"

He's a human being not a monster! Benjamin Jakob Grimm the gruff uncle with a heart. The only one who completely lost his human form. Probably the most human of them all, though. Nicknamed "The Thing" but before that he fought his way from Yancy st. all the way to NASA!

"Sure, Sure! I'm just a big, fat, handsome hero! Now get outta the way -- I got things to do!"

I just don't believe you can show his Human side without at least showing him in a flashback as an actual human being. But what actor could play him?

Terry Crews has thrown his hat in the ring to play Ben Grimm. Telling Newsarama “One character I always thought I could play is the Thing from Fantastic Four", As for the Luke Cage rumors, "Some people bring up Luke Cage, but honestly I have to step out of that because Marvel’s never really expressed an interest in making it,” he added.“If Marvel hasn't expressed interest in it, why should I?"

I think he'd be great as Ben Grimm even if he isn't Jewish, but if they're going for a younger "Stretcho" it would be kind of hard to believe that him and Reed Richards were college buddies. Certainly would be better than the voice of Bruce Willis or Kiefer Sutherland, two other old rumors I've heard for the voice.

"That's real funny matchhead. If it wuzn't for a guy like me providin' a good example, you'd probably be out stealin' hubcaps somewhere! "

Another name I've heard bandied about is Domenick Lombardozzi aka Herc from the Wire and Ralph Capone on Boardwalk Empire. He would probably look more age appropriate.

It is a pretty young looking cast and The X-men Days of Future Past writer has been signed on to rewrite. They need to pick a cast soon. I haven't even heard if it's going to be Victor Von Doom or some other villain(s).

So tell me what do you think about the Thing? Who should play him? Would you want to see him in human form also or can you live with a purely animated creature? and Who do you want to see them battle? Let me know below.


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