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Chris Fields

Okay, so now that the backlash has died down a bit here is my suggestion to DC/WB on how they need to introduce the new Batman. We don't need him to be in our faces again for a while, what they need to do is seed him throughout their growing cinematic universe. Instead of him fighting or teaming with Superman they should just pepper him in here and there in the background of the new hero films. Make it like easter-eggs to find him watching from the shadow as Bruce, while he is studying the new and extremely powerful Meta's. Then conclude each new film with an end of credit sequence that strings them together almost like marvel only simplified. Having the camera ratchet in slowly on the back of the high back chair in front of the Bat-computer with screens showing events from the current and previous films. This would not only give people time to get past TDK trilogy but would also give us small tastes of the new Batman.

After you have had the films of WW, Martian Man hunter, and whoever else DC is going to throw into the JLA movie I would like to see them all take on Darkside and get their ass' kicked in the first act. But by watching these hero's come together for a common good would give Batman the level of confidence in them to swing in (to supposedly save one of them) in the end of the second act and team up to help them taking out Darkside. Because if Darkside was coming to Earth the one man that would be able to calculate and determine the correct path would be the world greatest detective. That way they could all play nice and finish the film with the establishment of the full JLA that we all want. Followed only then by a new full length Batman. I would love to hear your thoughts on my idea for the re-introduction to Batman below.


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